The legendary acts behind “YMCA” and “I Will Survive” were booked through MN2S for “Dancing Through The Decades”, a virtual event aimed at combating social isolation.

Last Saturday, people from around the world were invited to enjoy a livestream experience put together by Daybreaker, a morning dance movement and wellness community, and AARP, a nonprofit organisation dedicating to empowering the elderly. This “social dis-dance” party was aimed at “inspiring connection, belonging, and self-expression amid the coronavirus pandemic” – and what better way to inspire connection and self-expression than enlist party-starting artists such as Gloria Gaynor and The Village People for a virtual performance like no other. The Grammy Award-winning vocalist known best for the mega-hit “I Will Survive” joined a livestream experience that also included a “YMCA” dance-along performance from ’70s stars Village People, and an all-ages dance class from three-time Emmy Award Winner Debbie Allen.

“Daybreaker is a community, first and foremost. It’s where we come together to unlock, connect and self-express through dance. It’s amazing what can happen when you bring a group of people together on a dance floor that’s totally unapologetic and gives you a true sense of freedom—even if that dance floor is in your own bedroom or kitchen.”

Radha Agrawal, Daybreaker CEO

As the pandemic continues to change our way of life across the globe, it’s vital that music continues to play a part in the way that we respond to these unprecedented circumstances. Speaking about the power of music to help those who are currently suffering from social isolation, AARP’s Heather Nawrocki said “music, dance and social connection can play a pivotal role in healthy aging and overall wellbeing […] an intergenerational music and dance event like this provides an opportunity for people to boost their health through physical activity and making connections, even as we are physically distant.” Not only providing a fun-filled respite from the doom and gloom that’s currently prevailing in the cultural consciousness, this fantastic event has proven that virtual live-streamed experiences can successfully replicate the magic of live performance.

“We’re so excited to be working with Daybreaker and AARP to bring back the joy of the ‘70s and celebrate 40-plus years of disco together with two global communities. Performing on the virtual stage gives us a special opportunity to reach into the homes of so many people across the world, and doing the YMCA across time zones and country lines together will be a unique experience for us.”

The Village People
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