Following their closure last week, RBMA has published a free catalogue of interviews, videos and music lectures that took place during their 20-year history, featuring a range of artists from the MN2S roster.

Following the closure of RBMA and Red Bull Radio, the company have shared a free digital archive that contains lectures from and interviews with some of the most influential artists, producers and DJs from the last 50 year: MN2S talents such as Marshall Jefferson, A Guy Called Gerald, Bok Bok, Ron Trent, Chip E, Arthur Baker, DJ Slugo, Slick Rick, Jazzie B, Ice-T and Just Blaze all feature.

These legendary artists can be found on our live roster and DJ roster, featuring influential names from across hip-hop, house, soul, techno, funk, garage, EDM and more.

Click here to browse the RBMA content archive.

Red Bull Music Academy was a musical institution that saw a five-week event series take place in a different city each year, encompassing lectures, workshops and interviews along with club nights, art installations and performances open to the public. RBMA invited up-and-coming producers, artists, DJs and musicians to participate in educational experiences with world-renowned artists from across all genres, recording and publishing these lectures and interviews online and enabling creatives all over the world to benefit and learn from these resources.

Read RBMA’s full interview with Marshall Jefferson here.

MN2S represents Marshall Jefferson and 357 other DJs. View artist bio

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