22 December 2017

A Guy Called Gerald will play XOYO in London with the Acid House Orchestra on 29th December.

XOYO has announced an exciting new show at the end of the month. The East London club will welcome the Acid House Orchestra — a 9-piece ensemble of musicians featuring live electronics, percussion, brass and more — to take clubbers on a journey through Acid House history. The group will perform renditions of defining Acid House tracks, dating from the genre’s Chicago origins, right through to the sounds of the present day.

After the orchestra’s performance, none other than A Guy Called Gerald himself will take to the booth for a historic acid house DJ set. A Guy Called Gerald’s signature tune, ‘Voodoo Ray’, is one of the most iconic songs of the entire Acid House movement. Combined with his work in 808 State, A Guy Called Gerald is the perfect choice

Tickets are available now for A Guy Called Gerald and The Acid House Orchestra at XOYO are on sale now, available at the XOYO website.

Book A Guy Called Gerald now to bring the Acid House icon to your venue in the New Year.

A Guy Called Gerald

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