06 July 2018

Grammy Award winner DJ Jazzy Jeff has debuted his brand new studio album M3, available to stream now.

M3 features a host of special guests, including rappers Dayne Jordan, Rhymefest, and Uhmeer, and musicians/producers James Poyser (of The Roots), Andre Harris (of Dre & Vidal), and Stro Elliot. Many of Jeff’s M3 collaborators also worked on last year’s critically-acclaimed Chasing Goosebumps album by the collective known as The PLAYLIST.

M3 is the third entry in DJ Jazzy Jeff’s ‘Magnificent’ trilogy of albums, following 2002’s The Magnificent, and 2007’s The Return of the Magnificent. The new album covers a wide range of topics, looking at life from a multigenerational perspective. ‘Stronger Than Me’ is an ode to women’s empowerment, ‘2 Step’ is a dancefloor-ready anthem, and ‘The Government’s Dead’ is scathing political satire.

Stream M3 here:

Though this album is slated as the final work in the Magnificent trilogy, it is far from the last we’ll hear of DJ Jazzy Jeff. As well as touring the world playing DJ sets, Jeff has focused his energy on nurturing new talent with his PLAYLIST Retreats. The retreats have now grown into a movement, spawning the similarly-named collective, the Chasing Goosebumps album, M3, and much more.

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DJ Jazzy Jeff

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