MN2S Label Services department works with over 250 independent imprints.

We service a wide roster of independent labels across house, techno, garage, ambient and more. Working alongside an extensive roster of imprints, MN2S provides a breadth of services geared towards helping record labels succeed in the contemporary market. In addition to offering essential industry expertise, we can assist with digital and physical distribution, rights management, social media, PR, legal services, licensing, publishing and design, ensuring that your record label reaches its full potential, both creatively and financially.

Our label roster continues to grow as we signing new and progressive imprints from across the spectrum of electronic and dance music. Read on for a selection of our most recent signings.

Soul N Pepa

Soul N Pepa is described by it’s founder as not just a label, but a platform, aiming to work at the service of artists to put their creations in the foreground. Brainchild of French production trio Mind Street, Soul N Pepa is an independent label that encompasses “all styles of underground music”, with a focus on soulful and funky house.

Mind Street are veterans of the music industry, having worked with a range of labels and producers throughout their career. Speaking with MN2S, they’ve said that Soul N Pepa represents a “new challenge”, and a “fusion of different worlds”, seeking to combine electronic and organic sounds to find a unique place within today’s musical landscape. Their debut release, due out in March, is a collaboration between Mind Street and vocalist Cinnamon Brown, titled ‘It’s Alright’, with a remix from Groove Assassin on the flip.

New York Samples / Triangle Sounds

These two newly-minted imprints are directed towards producers, releasing varied sample packs comprised of high-quality sonic resources for those producing house and techno. New York Samples is focused on tech-house sounds, offering up powerful kicks, dynamic snares and crisp hi-hats on a regular basis. Triangle Sounds is directed at techno producers, offering gritty, industrial percussion that’s sure to give any track the edge it needs to tear up a warehouse rave. Both labels will be kicking off their release schedule in March, issuing original sample packs on a weekly basis, with ambitions to become one of the global dance music scene’s biggest sample-pack labels.

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