Feel the rhythm come to life as AARP and Daybreakers put on a Hispanic Heritage Month celebration through a Zoom community dance, to promote body and mind health.

The event was named “Vamos a bailar” meaning “let’s dance”… and that’s exactly what the people did. Once again, AARP and Daybreakers teamed up this past Saturday to give the world what they were craving, another virtual dance party. This past July the pair debuted the first of their virtual dance parties, and this October they have decided to please the people again. Latin music lovers across the globe shared their passion with others, and were not let down by the extraordinary and vibrant rhythms that these incredible artists put together. The party was led by AARP, a non-profit organisation dedicated to empowering the elderly. It was also hosted by Daybreaker dance community founder Radha Agrawal, and motivational speaker Maria Marin.

The Gipsy Kings and Los Del Río, the group behind the famous “Macarena,”, were booked through MN2S to perform at AARP’s online event. The party also featured a full spectrum of Latin music curated by DJ Jellybean Benitez, and performances from globally recognised artists such as Gloria Estefan and The Wailers.

“Dancing and connecting with others, especially at a time when opportunities for in-person gatherings are limited, not only feels great — it’s good for you, too.”

Global Council on Brain Health (GCBH)

Not only did the organisation put on the event to help the elderly break through the barriers of isolation, but to promote mind and body health. A recent report from the AARP-founded Global Council on Brain Health (GCBH) stated that dancing and music can help in the treatment of conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and dementia, boosting brain health along with emotional well-being. This tremendous event has gone to show that during a time of difficulty, dancing is a great way to remain positive. As the saying goes, “Vamos a bailar!” – “let’s dance!”

MN2S represents Gipsy Kings feat Andre Reyes and 1025 other Live Acts. View artist bio

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