Four creative entertainment ideas for your corporate event

Increase engagement and enjoyment at your event with these 4 incredible ideas

Creative entertainment ideas can be a brilliant way to engage guests at your event and ensure they are talking about it for weeks after the event. Whether it’s a staff awards evening or a conference, providing memorable entertainment will help your event to make the impact you want.

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In the ever changing world of events, there are lots of creative ideas out there – and some that are going stale. We’ve picked out four of the best creative entertainment ideas for you to try at your next event:

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Make dinnertime interactive

The days of the sit-down meal are long gone – at least at the most creative and cutting edge industry events. Instead, event planners are option for DIY food stations, sure to capture the imagination (and the stomach.)

Think about options like a doughnut buffet, a pop-up gelato shop, a pick-your-own popcorn station or chef making crepes to order. Whatever your theme, there’s sure to be a foodstuff to fit – and don’t stop there. How about make-your-own mimosas or a G&T station.

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Classy comedy

Comedy has something of a reputation for being a bit too bawdy for corporate events, but that doesn’t have to be the case. A classy comedian like Gyles Brandreth, represented by top talent agency MN2S, can help to break down barriers and create a talking point for attendees who may not know one another well.

Pick someone well known and, if it’s a corporate event, ensure that they are briefed on which areas you’d prefer their jokes not stray into.

Photo booths

Photo booths are not exactly cutting edge any more – every other wedding these days seems to have one – but there’s a reason they’re so popular. The opportunity to take silly photos is one that many people will jump at, so make sure there are some fun and relevant props – perhaps stethoscopes and old-fashioned nurse’s hats at a medical conference.

For extra fun, take photos with an instant camera, so attendees have a physical memento to take away with them.

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A little competition is a great way to break the ice between attendees who don’t know each other well – and it’s a great way to get people engaged too. A pub-style quiz can be a fun way to help tables bond, or you could hire a fun fairground game like hook-a-duck or a strongman game.

Implementing creative entertainment ideas

The four ideas mentioned – a comedian, competitions, a photobooth or DIY food stations represent just a few of the great entertainment ideas you could implement. Using any one is sure to increase engagement and enjoyment at your event – go for all four if you want a real fiesta of fun!

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