Every day, it seems, a new technological trend emerges that alters the way we engage with one another, brands, and customers. Increased sales of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are inspiring more companies to learn about the process — and public relations professionals can help.

An NFT is a one-of-a-kind collectible digital asset that has a cryptocurrency form but can’t be copied. Jack Dorsey, for example, has put his first tweet up for sale for $2.5 million. Because a tweet isn’t a tangible item, what customers are really paying for is bragging rights. The fact that customers can claim to own the first ‘original’ ever produced. 

NFTs can be anything digital, including drawings, music, games, NBA trade cards, video clips, or anything else we can think of. Here are five ways public relations professionals can help clients who are interested in NFTs:

1. Understand blockchain PR

The term “blockchain PR” is a relatively recent concept that refers to public relations and marketing professionals who specialise in the cryptocurrency space. They are tech savvy and know how to develop sponsored content that would entice customers to buy. Blockchain technology may be used to tell tales and monitor the success of digital marketing efforts.

2. Continuously learn about NFT technology

We must actively learn more about how NFTs impact both companies and customers as they continue to find their way into our markets. PR professionals are frequently entrusted with informing their clients about emerging trends that may have an influence on their operations. 

It’s critical for public relations professionals to be able to explain how NFTs may affect the digital original material they develop for their products or services.

3. Keep the press informed

NFTs require press releases in the same way that real things and live events do. A brand may want to distribute and promote information about their NFT, and they’re looking to your PR business to help them do so. 

PR firms should begin compiling a list of publications that are likely to appeal to the client’s NFT consumers, who could be buyers or collectors. 

NFT Now is one of the first media outlets to focus on forward-thinking artists, collectors, and technologists who are reshaping the creative economy. Your clients can use NFT Now to advertise their NFTs or learn more about how they function.

4. Create NFT-compatible digital campaigns

Public relations professionals are strategic planners who must know how to develop digital content that is compatible with new technologies and markets.As the technology surrounding NFTs develops, so will the possibilities for creative campaigns that intersect with it – savvy PR professionals will adapt and evolve with this changing landscape.

5. Build relationships with NFT marketing agencies

PR and marketing teams collaborate to ensure that their clients’ campaigns include both earned and paid advertising tactics. It’s critical for PR professionals to form partnerships with NFT marketers so they can learn how to track crypto growth through SEOs, influencers, and publishers.

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