Cameo has spent the past year taking the US gift market by storm, offering a unique and thoughtful gift idea for friends and family.

Now ELLE Magazine has included Cameo in their list of ‘The Best ‘Experience’ Gifts For Christmas 2019’. Focusing on gifting your loved ones with an invaluable experience rather than just another pair of socks, Cameo offers a unique and personalised gift for the person who has everything.

“If you fancy Snoop Dogg wishing your brother a Happy Christmizzle (sorry, couldn’t resist) or Tom Felton (aka Draco Malfoy) wishing your Harry Potter-obsessed sister ‘seasons’ greetings’, this may be the gift for you.”

ELLE Magazine

After conquering the US, Cameo has been making waves in the UK, offering messages from talented individuals such as Harry Potter’s Tom Felton and Westlife and pop music superstar Ronan Keating. If your loved ones are celeb-obsessed, Cameo might just be the perfect gift for them this Christmas.

Cameo are a client of the MN2S PR Department, who provide world-class PR services to artists, brands and celebrities.

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