The MN2S PR department are now working with Cameo, an innovative talent-to-fan video messaging service, to boost their profile within the UK.

Cameo is an innovative platform that enables consumers to order and receive personalised video messages from celebrities. With over 12,000 athletes, performers, social media influencers, and more on their roster, Cameo has fulfilled more than 250,000 requests, ranging from birthday messages to prom invitations, marriage proposals, gender reveals and more, making unforgettable moments happen every single day.

“We get unbelievable reactions from customers, crying and screaming. It’s so rewarding to make so many people happy!”

Martin Blencowe, co-founder of Cameo

The moment that inspired Cameo’s co-founder Martin Blencowe to set up the world’s first personalised celebrity-to-fan video messaging platform came during his tenure as NFL star Cassius Marsh’s agent. He asked if the NFL star could record a congratulatory video message for his friend Brandon soon after he became a father: his friend was absolutely delighted by the video, declaring it as the best gift he could have received.

After seeing the happiness that such messages could bring to friends and family members, Blencowe spotted the potential for a global platform that could enable anyone across the world to gift inspirational moments of joy and surprise to their loved ones, giving fans access to their favourite stars while providing a new source of revenue for talented individuals. He soon linked up with his friend and business partner Steven Galanis, and the rest was history. Cameo now has offices in Chicago, LA, London and Melbourne and has been featured in The Guardian, The New York Times, Forbes and Cosmopolitan.

The joy and surprise that Cameo’s personalised messages bring to their customers is incredible: it has to be seen to be believed. By working to create some of the most amazing and authentic talent-to-fan experiences available today, Cameo are pioneering a new business model while creating an innovative and personalised gift experience that brings happiness to thousands.

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