Effective social media strategy is the cornerstone of any successful online marketing and promotions campaign.

Whether you’re promoting your music, your online brand or your miniature dachshund, the same rules apply. Read on for three essential social media tips that will ensure you stay ahead of the game.

Post High Quality Original Content

This, my friends, is the name of the game. You might be a dab hand with a hashtag and a whizz on AdManager, but if you’re pushing low-grade, unoriginal content, your social media presence isn’t going to grow. People can sniff out duplicate content that’s been hurriedly prepared from a mile off, and it’s likely to send any remotely savvy content-consumer running swiftly in the opposite direction. Time spent crafting high-quality, original content is an investment worth making, and it’s a necessary one for anyone serious about their social media strategy.

Engage With Your Audience

There’s two steps to this one. First, figure out who your audience are. Who are you trying to reach with your posts? What cross-section of the general public would it benefit you most to engage with? Once you’ve worked that out, you’ll have to think about how you can tailor your content towards that audience, communicating in a way that’s likely to be persuasive, entertaining and memorable in their eyes. If you’re tweeting Fortnite GIFs to promote an orthopaedic mattress, then you’re not taking your core demographic into consideration. And if you’re not doing your absolute best to connect with your target audience, you may as well be shouting into a cupboard. (Or posting on Myspace.)

Use Hashtags Correctly

Hashtags are everywhere. Used across almost all social media channels, these little devils help services organise their content, while helping you expand your reach, improve your SEO ranking and make sure your content is able to be found by the most relevant audience. They’re one of the most important facets of any social media strategy, and used correctly, they can seriously amplify your online presence. Sure, anyone can haphazardly splash a bunch of semi-relevant tags on their post, but it takes some carefully considered research and analysis to find the right hashtags for your content. Sites like All Hashtag offer a range of (free!) tools that can assist you in your journey to hashtag hegemony: with a hashtag generator, hashtag creator, and analytical tools at your disposal, you’ll be all tagged up in no time. Don’t miss out.

MN2S Social Media Management can support you in developing your social media strategy, reaching your target audience and ensuring the standard of your content remains high.

For more information about how our social media team can promote your work, get in touch.

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