We’re now working with emerging DJ DiscoTwitter on developing his social media presence across several channels while boosting his profile internationally through PR outreach.

Introducing DiscoTwitter, one of the world’s hottest disco and funk DJs. His musical vision is deeply rooted in classic sounds: emotive, uplifting and irresistibly rhythmic records from the late ‘70s and early ‘80s that went on to inspire the forefathers of house music. Jason Weintraub’s sets revolve around classic tunes and memorable moments, as he threads together sparkling gems from funk and disco history to reimagine and recreate the positive vibrations, love and freedom that these genres grew out of.

“My goal is to spread disco goodness all around the world and give people a night they’ll always think about anytime they hear disco music.”


This exceptional selector discovered his passion after seizing an opportunity to appear on the podcast of a big-time DJ in Japan. This led to a radio slot in Osaka, and the rest was history: since then, he’s been showcasing his talents at clubs and parties across the globe, playing in London, Germany, Japan, and Canada. Taking an unconventional approach, he often plays pop-up parties and secret shows, while intentionally bringing his disco-focused sets to venues that often don’t play host to nights like his, in an effort to help promoters and fans reconsider what the uniquely positive vibrations and grooved-out sounds of disco can bring to a club night and an event space.

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