The British-Favourite is back on our screens


This month has seen the return of the national treasure that is the Great British Bake Off – but it’s come back with a bit of a difference. No longer on the BBC, the show is now hosted by Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding on rival TV station, Channel 4.

Since it relaunched on Tuesday 29th August, fans have been quick to praise the show for sticking closely to its original format, and succeeding in retaining its uniquely British charm. Guardian critic Mark Lawson said: “Fans annoyed by the big money transfer of the Great British Bake Off from the BBC to Channel 4 will be hoping to throw insults like “half-baked”, “overdone”, “burnt out” and “stale” at the show’s debut.

“But on the evidence of the first episode, Channel 4 and Love Productions, who make the programme, have achieved the most difficult of all bakery-related metaphors – having their cake and eating it. The eighth series of the extreme patisserie challenge manages to seem both exactly the same but also just subtly different enough.”

Meanwhile, writing for the Radio Times, Frances Taylor said: “From the moment the ink had dried on the contract between Channel 4 and Love Productions, there was only one question being asked by fans about the new Great British Bake Off. It wasn’t whether Channel 4 were going to completely and utterly ruin this beloved national institution, it was exactly how Channel 4 were going to completely and utterly ruin this beloved national institution.

“And the answer? They haven’t, really. What Channel 4 has done is stick a sponge Ladyfinger up to the critics. It turns out there’s more than a crumb of truth in all those headlines about the show looking, feeling and staying the same. Much like a technical challenge, Channel 4 have done the best they can with the ingredients they were given, and the result isn’t the complete soggy-bottomed disaster it could’ve been.”

Reviews from fans were similarly positive, with many expressing relief that the look and feel of the show had remained largely similar to when it was on the BBC.

It’s a good thing that the reviews so far have been good, because the show has become a true British institution since it first hit our screens in 2010. Winners and even runners up from the show have gone on to enjoy sparkling careers after leaving the tent – and perhaps none more so than Nadiya Hussein.

Book Nadiya Hussain


Not just an icon for her impressive baking ability, Nadiya Hussein was crowned the winner of the 2015 series of the Great British Bake Off. As a practising muslim who covers her head, she also became a symbol for the multicultural society that Britain represents today. Just 30 when she won the Bake Off, Nadiya has since gone on to write bestselling cookbooks, host her own TV shows and hosts the BBC’s answer to GBBO – The Big Family Cooking Showdown.

Nadiya MN2S talent agency

An interesting and instantly likeable character, Nadiya Hussein is available to book for celebrity appearances through MN2S talent management agency and she’s sure to draw a crowd. Like the Bake Off, Nadiya too has achieved national treasure status, and any audience you put her in front of is sure to be thrilled and charmed in equal measures.


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