Model Lisa Snowdon has opened up about her mental health struggles in a candid interview with the Daily Mail – and she’s shared how Mikei Red Reishi supplements have helped her to overcome.


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Her partnership with the brand is an excellent example of a partnership that capitalises on the experiences of the celebrity involved. In this case, Lisa’s experience with depression allows her to recommend the product sincerely, as one which has personally helped her mental and physical wellbeing.

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In the interview, she said: “I should have talked to someone about ten to 15 years ago, but I didn’t – I thought I needed to get on and deal with it. But it gets to the point when you can’t do that any longer.

“‘It didn’t take much for me to cry. Little things would make me pop and I struggled to handle any stress.’I’d get into work in the winter at 5.30am and it would be dark. All the way through my working day I would be in darkness. That had a knock-on effect on me.”

Using a blend of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and medication, Lisa was able to get her demons under control. She said that people shouldn’t be ashamed of using medication to help their mental health: “Certain parts of my brain weren’t functioning in the right way so it needed rebalancing. I never saw it as a weakness, You go to the doctor when you’re hurt physically; if there’s something wrong with your mind you should do the same. Sometimes we all need a little tune-up.”

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Once her mental health was on track, she began using Mikei Red Reishi supplements said to boost the immune system to get her wellbeing back on track, making the brand a perfect partner for her. She was able to use her lived experience to create an authentic testimonial for the brand that consumers are sure to trust coming from a familiar face.

Lisa is one of hundreds of celebrities on the books at MN2S celebrity talent agency. If you’d like to book a celebrity to help promote your product or service, get in touch today for a chat with one of our helpful team members.


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