Any digital file can be transformed into an NFT. This includes images, music, video, collectibles and a range of other unexpected forms: assets such as virtual real estate, digital concert experiences and even famous tweets can be made into NFTs and sold to the highest bidder.


By far the most popular form of NFT is digital art. Thousands of digital artworks have been minted and sold as NFTs, with many fetching prices in the millions. The popularity of digital art made into NFTs lies in the promise of authenticity: NFTs allow digital artworks to become truly “original” in the sense that a famous painting such as the Mona Lisa is original. It can be copied and printed, but there is only one original version. This has made digital artworks extremely valuable.


An increasing number of music artists and producers are now transforming songs and albums into NFTs, while are redefining fan-to-artist relationships in the process. Artists such as Deadmau5, Tory Lanez, Jacques Greene and Kings of Leon have sold their music in NFT form, with some auctions reaching final sums in the millions. Videos can also be sold as NFTs – digital artist Beeple sold a 10-second clip for over $6 million, and NBA Top Shot uses blockchain to sell video highlights from NBA games.


Other popular forms of NFT include digital “collectibles”, GIFs, and virtual real estate in simulated online worlds. Recently, a one-of-a-kind “digital concert experience” was sold by a DJ, opening the doors for NFTs to become integrated into the live music sector. There has even been talk of NFT-based technology being utilised in ticketing for live events.


Experiential NFTs bring together digital assets with real-world experiences, creating a package that offers the benefits of NFT ownership alongside an experience to remember forever. The experiences that accompany the sale of the NFT will vary depending on the celebrity involved, but could encompass anything from meet-and-greets to in-studio sessions to training days with top athletes. Images from these events can then be turned into NFTs, giving fans a one-of-a-kind piece of memorabilia that’s completely unique.

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NFTs are reinventing the music industry


29 November 2021

NFTs are reinventing the music industry

Find out about how this revolutionary technology is reinventing the music industry before our eyes. The music industry has been inextricably linked to technology since the discovery of sound recording in 1877. Technological innovations have influenced how music is made, played, saved, distributed, and enjoyed, from the first discs to streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, from the birth of record changing to the rise of modern electronic sound. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) swept the music industry this year. Hundreds of singers and musicians, including artists like Grimes and iconic bands like the Rolling Stones, were drawn to the new technology. Some of these artists have made millions of dollars by selling tokenized versions of their tunes, digital art, or bundles of virtual and real-world products. NFTs and fan tokens have the potential to completely transform the music industry. We are witnessing a significant and long-lasting shift in how musicians create music and interact with their fans. We may let the early figures speak for themselves using NFTs. “Even if I upload the full version of the contained song to DSPs globally (which I can still do), I would never make even close to $10k, including costs from DSPs, label, marketing, and so on,” Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda recently tweeted. There isn’t much that can’t be tokenized. Music tracks, artwork, text, apps, files, and even physical objects like concert tickets or one-of-a-kind goods can all be accompanied with their own NFTs, allowing artists and content creators to provide new experiences to their audiences. The release of Kings…

Reddit announces plans to build NFT platform


29 October 2021

Reddit announces plans to build NFT platform

The social media giant is making plans to enter the Non-Fungible Token market, opening a platform that will allow users to “create,…



The process behind creating and selling your NFTs is simple, and we’ll be keeping you informed every step of the way.

Here’s a breakdown of each stage.



Speak with one of our agents about your needs and answer any questions you may have. This is where we will figure out what direction we’d like to take with your NFTs, both creatively and financially.



Our creative team will begin to produce a range of designs based on our discussion. These will be forwarded over to you for approval and initial thoughts.



Your chosen concepts will be refined until they meet your expectations, and then ultimately confirmed.
Marketing – We will put together a marketing strategy and promotional timeline, briefing you and/or your management and ensuring we are all on the same page.



We will put together a marketing strategy and promotional timeline, briefing you and/or your management and ensuring we are all on the same page.



The artwork will be minted as an NFT and put up for sale on established marketplaces. It will then either be auctioned to the highest bidder or sold for a fixed price, depending on the agreed course of action.


NFTs are a complex technological asset, but there’s nothing stopping anyone from understanding what they are and how they’re made, bought and sold. You don’t have to be an expert in blockchain technology to understand how NFTs work – people all over the world are buying, selling and creating NFTs and the demand just keeps on rising.


NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. This essentially means a “token”, or asset, that cannot be reproduced. Any digital file can be made into an NFT, transforming that file into a token that is impossible to reproduce or copy, becoming a one-of-a-kind piece of code, protected and stored on a shared public exchange. Once the file becomes an NFT, it is a completely unique digital item that nobody else can own. Just like the original of a famous artwork, NFTs derive their value from their originality. Though they exist virtually, NFTs can be programmed to react to real events, and accompanied by real items once sold.


Any piece of digital information can be made into an NFT, and this process is called minting. When an NFT is minted, it becomes part of the Ethereum blockchain, a public ledger that is tamper-proof and unchangeable. This is how an NFT becomes irreproducible and unique – its inextricable connection to the blockchain makes it “one of a kind”, and the ownership of the NFT is recorded on the blockchain. This gives the owner a kind of digital certificate that proves the authenticity of their digital asset.


NFTs are bought and sold on a number of online marketplaces: major markets include OpenSea, Rarible and Foundation. These marketplaces require buyers to have a digital wallet and use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum to pay for their purchases. They operate a lot like eBay, as buyers from all around the world bid for ownership of NFTs in real time. Although most NFTs are sold online, some are now being auctioned in the real world at famous auction houses such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s. After their initial sale, NFTs provide royalties for their creator upon every repeat sale in the secondary market.

Our NFT clients

We’re working with some of the industry’s biggest artists and celebrities on creating, marketing and selling custom-designed NFTs. Our experience working across the entertainment and talent industries with musicians, DJs, entertainers, athletes and celebrities means that we’re uniquely equipped to understand and respond to your needs. Get in touch today to find out more.

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Are you interested in NFTs? We want to hear from you. 



Every modern, future-facing brand is looking at how they can enter the NFT space right now. There’s a number of different ways that brands can utilise NFTs and blockchain technology to their advantage, and we’re here to guide them through that process. Get in touch to discuss NFT partnerships, brand collaborations, activations and more.



Celebrities, artists, athletes and entertainers from across the spectrum are making huge profits by leveraging their influence to sell NFTs. By teaming up with MN2S, talent can make use of our knowledge, expertise and connections to develop, market, and sell their NFTs, in partnerships that work for both sides.



We’d like to hear from anyone established in the NFT marketplace – collectors, investors and buyers big and small. We can help you find the right NFT you’re looking for, fulfil requests or make grand ideas come to life. Speak with one of our representatives to give us a better idea of how we can work together.



Our NFT design team is growing rapidly, and we’re looking for creative talents involved in NFT design and creation to work with MN2S. Whatever your skillset, we’d like to hear from you and discuss the potential for collaborations.




Boney M

“We’ve partnered with MN2S on creating and selling quality NFTs that reflect what Boney M are all about. We’re really excited about getting involved with this new technology – MN2S have helped us every step of the way, straight through from creating custom designs to selling our NFTs on the right marketplaces.”


Mica Paris

“NFTs are opening up a whole new world of innovation for artists and their IP, and I am very pleased to be working with MN2S to see what we can accomplish with this creative partnership. MN2S have helped us get up to speed quickly and their expertise has been invaluable in harnessing this new technology.”


For any questions, or to discuss how we can help you, your event or your brand, contact us today.

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