DJ DJ Jazzy Jeff to Headline DNC 2016

MN2S artist DJ Jazzy Jeff will headline a concert at the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on Thursday 28th July.   The Grammy-winning DJ will headline the Camden Rising concert alongside Lady Gaga and Lenny Kravitz. The concert will be taking place just hours before Hillary Clinton formally...READ MORE

LABEL SERVICES Terry Hunter and Jill Scott Release The Remixes

Chicago house producer Terry Hunter and Philadelphia soul singer Jill Scott have teamed up to release The Remixes on T’s Box Records. The Remixes arrives on Monday 25th July as Jill Scott’s latest full-length album Woman celebrates its first anniversary. The Remixes is a collection of remixes of four songs...READ MORE

DJ DJ P Montana Nominated for African Pride Award

DJ and tastemaker P Montana has been nominated for Outstanding Disc Jockey of the Year at the inaugural African Pride Awards.   DJ P Montana, known for his love of Afrobeats, is up against fellow Ghanaians DJ Bibi, DJ FilFil, and DJ Sawa, as well as DJ Yung Milli,...READ MORE

FEATURES This is Your Brain on House

Scientific studies into music’s effect on the brain tend to focus on classical composers, but what does your brain look like on house music?   The effects of music on the brain have been scrutinised by scientists for decades. The results have been fascinating. First we learned Mozart made...READ MORE

FEATURES And Ya Don't Stop: The Early Days of Hip-Hop

Hip-hop might be the biggest genre in the world today. But every cultural movement started somewhere. This is the story of the early days of hip hop.   In just less than half a century, hip-hop has gone from beats in the background at Bronx block parties to beats in the...READ MORE

DJ Russell Small Releases 'She'

Russell Small, best known as half of Freemasons, has teamed up with DNO P to release the summery solo track ‘She’.   The track promises to be the feel-good tune of the summer, with singer Darrison delivering a catchy chorus over Russell and DNO’s bumping beat. The...READ MORE

LIVE President T teams up with JME for 'House & Pop'

Cult UK MC President T has teamed up with Better Boy Know stalwart JME for the new single ‘House & Pop’ on Star Work Music. In his trademark baritone bars, Prez clears up which genre he performs in. It’s grime. Not house or pop. The complex wordplay from both...READ MORE

FEATURES Lucky Seven: Terry Hunter

Terry Hunter is a house music pioneer and one of Chicago’s legendary Chosen Few DJs. Fresh on the MN2S booking agency DJ roster, Terry clues us in on the lucky seven tracks he can spin in the DJ booth whatever the occasion.   1. Chip E. -...READ MORE

FEATURES Anti-Clubbing Laws Around the World

Last week the Japanese government announced that it will end its 67 year-old ban on public dancing. In the wake of this announcement, we look at clubbing legislation around the world.   Clubbing has often faced resistance from law enforcement. Anti-clubbing legislation is sometimes defended on the basis of...READ MORE

FEATURES How Electronic Music is Saving School Curriculums

The quality of school music lessons has reportedly been on the decline for years. Electronic music can turn this around.   Over the past five years the number of students taking music at A level dropped by 22%. This is not because children are losing interest in making music....READ MORE

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