MN2S is not just an international music, entertainment and talent agency.

We connect exceptional talent with global opportunities, working with music artists, celebrities and brands on bookings, campaigns, brand partnerships, PR, music distribution and more.


Organizing tours, bookings, events and live-streams in over 120 countries for international talent.


25+ years’ worth of knowledge and connections in the music, media and talent industries.


Working only with carefully selected artists, labels and talent we believe in.


Meticulous in handling contracts, payments, communications and logistics.

What we do


Making it simple for promoters, event organisers and brands to find and book great talent.

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Brand Partnerships

We connect brands and talent to new audiences by identifying opportunities and finding creative ways to engage them.

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Label Services

Enabling independent record labels to maximize royalties and realize their creative vision.

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Using traditional and digital PR to create opportunities for artists, celebrities and brands.

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Social media management

Working with individuals and businesses to engage clients and fans across channels.

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At MN2S we draw from 25 years of of experience working with talented individuals from all across the spectrum: musicians, celebrities, influencers, sports personalities and entertainers from all backgrounds.

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Putting together ticket-selling line ups for festivals, music venues and one-off events.

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