FEATURES Where does music streaming go next?

Music streaming has taken over the industry. But where does it go next?   For years, they said it wouldn't work. ‘They’ being select industry insiders, ‘it’ being music streaming. Yes, they knew it worked in many ways. It made a huge catalogue of music available to anyone with a WiFi...READ MORE

FEATURES Could CDs make a comeback?

Rolling Stone has declared CDs dead. But are they, and could they ever make a comeback?   There is an entire generation growing up that has never bought a single. If you’re older, that might take a while to sink in. Singles have been a staple of the music industry since...READ MORE

FEATURES Could tech save music education?

Music education is threatened with budget cuts and disinterest from pupils. Could technology be its saviour?   There’s not enough music in Wales. At least when it comes to education. Wales is a nation known for its musicality—angelic choir vocalists, opera stars like Katherine Jenkins, chart-toppers like Tom Jones, and alternative...READ MORE

FEATURES The best turntable accessories for DJs and record collectors

We take a look at the essential turntable accessories every record collector and DJ needs.   If you want to play records, by a turntable. If you want to play records well, this is everything else you need. There’s more to getting a good turntable setup than simply buying a turntable...READ MORE

LIVE Era Istrefi releases ‘Prisoner’ and World Cup video

Rising star Era Istrefi has released the new single ‘Prisoner’ alongside the video for her official World Cup 2018 song with Will Smith and Nicky Jam.   Era Istrefi continues her rapid rise to superstardom with the new single release ‘Prisoner’ on Ultra Music. The reggae-tinged song was...READ MORE

DJ Studio 54 Documentary to be released June 15th

A feature-length documentary about the legendary club Studio 54 is set for release on June 15.   Studio 54 is one of the most iconic nightclubs of all time. Opening as a nightclub in the mid-late 1970s, the Manhattan club paved the way for countless imitators, setting the blueprint for the...READ MORE

LIVE Slick Rick joins the Bronx Walk of Fame

Hip-hop pioneer Slick Rick has been inducted into the Bronx Walk of Fame.   With his trademark appearance and signature songs, Slick Rick is one of the most iconic and influential rappers of all time. The rapper, who grew up in the Bronx, has now been honoured by...READ MORE

DJ S3R Teases New DJ Slugo Documentary

An upcoming documentary detailing the life and legacy of Chicago legend DJ Slugo has been teased by record label S3R.   Ghetto house pioneer DJ Slugo has had one hell of a career so far. Instrumental in house music’s early scene, the Southside Chicago native has countless club...READ MORE

DJ Best DJ Speakers

These are the best DJ speakers money can buy.   To be a DJ you need a lot of equipment. Most obviously there are decks, controllers, cables, and sometimes laptops. But as well as those, there’s another piece of equipment you may not have thought about — speakers. Though you’ll...READ MORE

FEATURES The best laptop for DJing and music production

These are the best laptops for DJing on the market, adept to handle everything from production to performance.   Though turntable purists still abound, the digital era has not left the world of DJing untouched. DJs can use laptops to produce music without having to rent a studio or expensive equipment,...READ MORE

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