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Since starting in 1999, MN2S has built a global sales network working directly with the best retailers and representing the best labels. Responsible for a comparatively small number of electronic labels, MN2S tailor each campaign to each release ensuring the best coverage on the most relevant retail spaces and achieving some of the best results in the UK.


Aware of the issues facing labels today, we understand that licensing your music to third parties is an important part of a label’s revenue stream, often meaning the difference between losing and making money. Our global licencing network becomes yours and we can provide a list of services to help source licenses and then negotiate the best terms on your behalf. Finally our accounts departments and credit controllers will make sure you and your artists get paid.

Legal and Business Affairs

MN2S can provide contracts, agreements and memorandums for every aspect of music exploitation and incorporate any of your needs into simple industry standard and best practice based terms.

Social Media Management

In today’s market digital music is where labels generate most money and the use of social media channels is increasingly important to maximise sales and connect your releases with your fan base and audience. MN2S fully understand this and has learnt how best to maximise the benefit of these channels on behalf of clients , completely looking after all your social channels in relation to a given release.

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