Digital Music Distribution & Promotion Services


Through our global music distribution and licensing network, we deliver digital music direct to online retailers, and distribute vinyl and CDs. We also manage and advise on all aspects of the distribution process.


We register rights with PPL, collecting royalties on behalf of our labels for music that is broadcast on radio and television, played in public, and used on the internet and elsewhere.


We develop social media strategies, manage social media accounts, and implement campaigns. You can use our services for one-off campaigns or full-time management.


Our legal and business services are informed by industry best practice. We negotiate agreements on behalf of our labels, and draft or advise on contracts.


We negotiate and advise on third-party and synchronization licences for TV and film. We also conceptualize, manage and license releases for label compilations and territorial exclusives.


Terry Hunter

T’s Box, T’s Crates

“MN2S Distribution is one of the best companies I’ve dealt with. Their attention to your releases is amazing.  You don’t get that these days.  Whenever something is needed, they’re right on it & get back to your requests immediately.  As a label owner, this is what I look for in a distributor, and it’s much appreciated”


Samuel Dan


“When you put all your heart and hard work into creating your own independent label, you certainly don’t want any issues when putting your music out there for the world to hear, and that’s the reassurance you get with MN2S. You know they have you covered”


Ben Thompson

20/20 Vision - Label Manager

“MN2S provide a great service for the label; they’re always on hand to assist with any questions and ensure the smooth delivery of our music.”


DJ Spen

Quantize Recordings/unquantize

“Working with MN2S Label Services has been a very easy process; they make running a record label really easy. Chris is very fluent in all label-related matters; he is quick, there’s usually nothing that I can ask him that he can’t do, and he’s just amazing – very knowledgeable and very up-to-date. The services are excellent, and I don’t think Quantize could be in existence without them. It’s been a pleasure working with MN2S since day one, and I just can’t imagine a better scenario. I’m grateful that we’re still working together for seven years, it’s been an incredible journey”


Eric Welton

T's Box Records & T's Crates label manager

“The personalized attention and prompt communication from Chris James & MN2S Label Services is an absolute pleasure.  They make our release process smooth and efficient.  It’s critical for us to have such reliability to support our rigorous schedules”


Tim Burnett

Tropical Disco Records

“My experience of MN2S Label Services has been second to none, not only having a point of contact that you can reach at any time, but also the relationship that MN2S has with Traxsource and the help in getting banners and support.  No other distribution company could offer such a full and rounded service as Chris does”


Roland László

LoveStyle Records

“We are always happy to start every day in the office as we know we have a good team on the distribution side of the label. Three simple words can easily describe MN2S Label Services: professional, precise, quick”


Ollie Brierley-Jones

it's. Melodic

“Working with MN2S Label Services has been second to none. My day-to-day contact, Chris James, has offered fantastic support and all of my label’s releases have been delivered smoothly and hassle-free. MN2S are true professionals.”


Ben Smethurst

Expressive Records

“This goes way above and beyond what I expected and I’m very grateful for the help and support.”



Mind Street Label

“When you create an independent label, you need to have the right service at the right place. Working with MN2S is easy: Chris, my label manager is always responsive and provides top quality service.

The relationship with all the MN2S crew is excellent too, whenever you need them, they are there and get back to your requests quickly. As a label owner, this is what I need to focus on my label and music, while making working together easy.”

Stores we work with

We have solid relationships with the companies that are leading the way in the digital music industry. This translates into excellent coverage for the labels we work with.

Work with us

Plus many more...

What We Offer Label Owners

Excellent exposure at retail

Our global distribution and licensing network and direct relationships with digital music retailers enable us to regularly secure prominent coverage for your releases worldwide. We expect to be able to achieve this for you.

Industry experience and connections

Our experience and professional contacts can fast-track the ambitions you have for your label. We can manage and advise you on all aspects of release creation, manufacture and distribution, from mastering to release strategy.

Monthly accounting

Industry standard is for retailers to account quarterly, while we pay and account each month. This improves cash flow and lets you continually assess promotional tactics and release performance.

Real-time sales analytics

See when and where your music is selling in real time on your own sales dashboard. Using the latest technology, we can continually assess promotional tactics and how a release is performing.

Responsive and personal service

We limit the number of labels we work with so that we can be efficient and available. To take advantage of every opportunity for your label, we act speedily on requests from clients and retailers.

Added credibility

MN2S is an established brand in the music industry, known for working with respected labels, DJs and artists. We only work with labels we believe can increase both their profile and their earnings.

Access to a roster of talent

Through the booking agency we have contacts and relationships with international DJs and artists, and can facilitate your requests for remixes or featured vocals.

PR and promotions network

Drawing on our network of PR, promotional and media contacts, we connect your label to the best services and co-ordinate TV, radio, print and online coverage and campaigns.

Did you know?

The Quantize Miami Sampler 2019 – Compiled And Mixed By DJ Spen distributed by MN2S Label Services was awarded a Traxsource home page banner, 3 genre page banners, 7 features, 4 Essential Chart entries and 2 Weekend Weapons positions. The release hit #2 on Traxsource Top 100 Albums chart, tracks from the Sampler featured in 18 other Top 100s across Traxsource, and music from this release was included in 82 DJ charts.

MN2S Label Services has successfully licensed master and publishing sampling rights to music by Jocelyn Brown, has cleared video and sound rights for music by Toploader, and has commissioned and secured remixes of original material by collaborator Cody Wise.

MN2S Label Services welcomes back Black Lizard Records in 2019, who return bringing Gold Lizard Records and Red Lizard Records too.

MN2S Label Services is working with Crystal Waters, UK chart-topper & collaborator Cody Wise, & Paris Cesvette on their new label projects.

MN2S Label Services has worked on licensing for Colgate, Sky TV, LowPriceMove, Unibank, among other brands.

As well as singles, EPs, artist albums, and compilations, MN2S Label Services distributes sample packs, music videos, and other new media.

MN2S Label Services has worked with Sony/ATV & Universal on publishing clearance for Wyclef Jean, Snap!, Technotronic, Reel 2 Real, Vanilla Ice, & Donna Summer.

MN2S Label Services works on commission, not for a fee, meaning we continue to work extremely hard to push for coverage and sales once your release is delivered to us.

We have licensed music to Universal Pictures’ ‘The Secret Life Of Pets’ and Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’.

We have distributed music from Moby, John Legend, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Lana Del Rey, Roger Sanchez, Todd Terry, Kerri Chandler, Timo Maas, Groove Armada, Marshall Jefferson, Maya Jane Coles, Loco Dice, Nina Kraviz, Nicola Fasano, Andrew Weatherall, Candi Staton, Mr. C, Amine Edge, and many, many more.

MN2S Label Services distribution client Closer To Truth received a Beatport home page banner for CTT033 Intr0beatz ‘Drive-Thru Delicacies’.

MN2S Label Services distribution client Expressive Records received a Traxsource home page banner for their very first release, EXR001 The Power Of Three feat. Vanessa Freeman ‘The Time Is Coming’.

New label signing Lacuna Recordings reached #5 in the Beatport House releases chart with their first release.

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