Music Distribution: What Is It & How Does It Work?

What is music distribution? Our guide to how to distribute music


Historically, music distribution has taken many different forms: before the advent of digital technology, record labels would press vinyl records or manufacture CDs, which would then be physically distributed to record stores around the world. MN2S is a digital distributor, meaning we only distribute digital releases, not records, cassettes or CDs. We have been working in digital music distribution since the market and the music industry underwent a digital revolution, and as one of the first distributors to spot the importance of this evolution, we were miles ahead of the curve.

Distributing music in the digital age can seem deceptively simple, and many are tempted to self-distribute using various services that have risen to prominence in recent years. These services offer convenience, but at a cost: they fail to provide face-to-face, personal customer service that’s responsive and backed up by decades of experience within the industry.

Why use MN2S for music distribution?

There’s a number of reasons to choose our music distribution services over any competitor. Our digital music distribution platform is part of a label services and management package that is comprehensive and multi-faceted – we don’t simply allow an automated process to upload music to Spotify without a second thought. We distribute to a wide variety of platforms across the globe, and benefit from personal relationships with influential figures within these services, giving us the chance to include tracks in playlists that can boost streaming numbers significantly and raise an artist’s profile overnight. We can also provide real-time sales and streaming analytics as part of our label services offering.



As part of an international music and talent agency that’s been in operation for close to 25 years, our label services and digital distribution department draws from knowledge and experience across all facets of the music industry. We utilise the breadth and depth of this experience to provide an unparalleled service to every single label and artist we work with.


Unlike many automated music distribution services, our digital music distribution is taken care of by a dedicated professional, available to contact during office hours with any issues or questions, no matter how small. Over 250 independent labels depend on us to distribute their music and we take pride in the consistency and reliability of our service.


With an extensive network of contacts across a range of streaming services and platforms, we have the connections to place your music where it’s guaranteed to be noticed. Inclusion in influential playlists can make or break a track’s success: we regularly gain front-page features on Beatport and place our label’s music in playlists listened to by millions.

Who we work with

MN2S works with all the major players in the digital music distribution market, including Spotify, Apple Music, Beatport and a range of other platforms and services. We’ve also provided label services to a broad roster of imprints that currently includes over 300 independent labels.


Work with us
Quantize Recordings
20/20 Vision
Stealth Records
My Favorite Robot Records
Apple Music

Plus many more...

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Which artists have we distributed music for?

A variety of globally recognised artists have taken advantage of our music distribution services. Though we have close ties to the house music scene, we’ve also distributed music for artists working in almost every genre, working with everyone from Marshall Jefferson to  Terry Hunter.

DJ Jazzy Jeff
Groove Armada
Jocelyn Brown
Timo Maas
Roger Sanchez
Candi Staton
David Morales

Speak to our Label Services Team

For any questions about digital music distribution or to discuss any aspect of the label services or music distribution services that we offer at MN2S, contact us today.

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I want to start a label – what do I need to do?

If you want to start a record label we can support you from set up to worldwide music distribution.

The first step is branding your record label. You need a name that is unique and a logo that works well for marketing and digital distribution. Our branding team can assist you with this.

Next, you need to have the necessary legal agreements in place with the artists you collaborate with, including backing artists, song writers and DJs. Again, we can draw up the necessary contracts and advise you on legal matters around this.

It’s a good idea to have your releases registered with PPL, so that you can collect royalties when your tracks are played in public or on the radio. As registered members of PPL this is something we can do for you very quickly, saving you a lot of administration.

If you want to succeed, you also need to have a label launch strategy in place. This is to ensure that you have enough releases to build some momentum for your label. Without one it can take much longer to develop a name for yourself. Our label services agents have advised dozens of labels on this, and can help you plan your release dates and work with you to develop a solid, attention-grabbing strategy that builds your label brand from the start.

When it comes to releasing your first tracks, we submit them to all the major digital music distribution outlets online, including iTunes, Beatport, Shazam, Traxsource and Spotify. MN2S is an established brand in the music industry, known for working with respected labels, DJs and artists. This works in your favour when we deliver your releases, ensuring that your music is taken seriously.

Contact us to discuss launching a new record label.

I would like to get some big-name artists on my label – can you help?

With our substantial network of artists and producers we can help you. Contact us.

If I use your digital music distribution services, when should I submit releases?

We need you to submit your release to us at least three weeks ahead of the official release date. This gives us enough time to meet the deadlines set by the leading music streaming services and digital music distribution outlets. Without this three weeks’ lead time it will be far harder for us to secure any significant coverage for your release.

When you send us the release, you should also send us a detailed summary of your promo campaign. This includes any biographies, articles, press releases, blogs and reviews, a list of radio plays, a list of your social media profiles and the number of followers you have for each, and any positive reactions from DJs or music journalists on social media. We will then package this information into the best format for each digital retailer.

If it’s at all possible, submit your release and promo materials to us sooner than three weeks before the release date. The more time we have to work with the information, the better.

We have a division that specializes in PR for label services. If you do need support in this area, let us know. We can manage the promotional campaign for the release on your behalf if required.

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