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Nayer was born in New Jersey and moved at the tender age of 3-months old to the city she calls home—Miami. The Cuban descendant fell in love with music early on in life and at 7 years old, she knew she wanted to be an artist. As such, she made her singing debut on the famed TV show “Sabado Gigante” and “Star Search.”
“I will never forget that day,” says Nayer of the fateful performance. “I felt an energy on that stage while I was performing like no other I’d ever experience. I knew from that day forward that it was my calling to be onstage.”

And onstage she would be. Nayer took every opportunity available to share her music abilities. She performed in multiple competitions, festivals, carnivals, charities and foundations. In her own words “Where there was a mike and a stage, there I was!”

In her quest to follow her path she had a chance encounter with Pitbull through a collaboration effort Nayer was involved in when signed to Sony at 16. Immediately, the two hit if off, “I felt a great vibe from him,” says Nayer. “I saw someone who was completely dedicated and focused on becoming an artist and entertainer in the music industry. A couple of years went by and we reconnected. I was persistent in letting him know that I wanted for us to work together because I was convinced he was someone who could give me knowledge, insight, and direction in achieving my goals as an artist. We have a lot in common musically almost as if he is the guy version of me.”

Nayer’s tenacity and perseverance paid off when Pitbull announced he had signed the talented singer to his label Mr. 305 Inc. and To Musical producer and Legend REDONE. “I’m blessed to be working with a team of professionals who share a common vision in producing the best possible product. The passion and dedication the team emits, invigorates me and pushes me to exceed any expectations or goals I had previously set for myself. We truly are a family”. Says Nayer.

Artists of her ancestry such as Mariah Carey, Celia Cruz and Gloria Estefan have inspired Nayer greatly. “They’re powerful and dominant women who have paved the way for women like myself” declares Nayer. The Caribbean and Cuban sounds along with the pop, dance & R&B rhythms she’s grown up with are being excitedly fused to create her own sound in her debut album.

The first single NAYER is featured on is ” GIVE ME EVERYTHING” with PITBULL and Ne-Yo and was produced by Afrojack. “What I love about it is that melodically is a happy song, and it tells you to live the moment right now because tomorrow is uncertain. I believe that to be a universal message.” Says Nayer with the infectious enthusiasm that characterizes her. And also Longing her single SUAVE (KISS ME) Featuring PITBULL & MOHOMBI, produced by Producer RedOne! Reaching a combination of 68 million views on YouTube. After joining Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull on the Euphoria tour, Nayer finds herself recording in the studio and working on her next material.

Through all the years that it has taken to finally realize her dreams, Nayer has retained, even strengthened, her love for all kinds of music. Her debut album will fully reveal how far that love extends and will showcase who Nayer truly is—a versatile, talented, fun-loving girl that will not only be onstage but once there, will command it!

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