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Talent Profiles: Fantastic Foodies


13 July 2020

Talent Profiles: Fantastic Foodies

Talent Profiles: Fabulous Foodies In our ‘Talent Profiles’ series, we shine a spotlight on some of the biggest celebrity names that MN2S…

Shaun Williamson and Pot Noodle partner up to promote the Lost the Pot Noodle range


9 July 2020

Shaun Williamson and Pot Noodle partner up to promote the Lost the Pot Noodle range

The former Eastenders actor has recorded a hilarious viral video for Pot Noodle that highlights their latest “cheeky treat”. Shaun Williamson has…

SahBabii releases latest album “Barnacles”


8 July 2020

SahBabii releases latest album “Barnacles”

The Atlanta rapper shares his first full-length project since 2018’s Squidtastic. SahBabii has released a new project. “Barnacles” is a 16-track LP…


Do you take bookings for events outside the UK and USA?

Yes we manage bookings globally. Our artists have performed in more than 120 countries. We organize all the logistics for international bookings, including travel, accommodation and visas.

What is covered in the booking contract?

The DJ, celebrity or musician booking contract is a simple document that sets out the terms of the booking.

It will include details of the performance or appearance, such as: the venue, the date, the time, how long the artist will perform, and how many sets there will be.

It will also include details of the expenses that you will be covering and the fee for the final booking. Expenses will usually include travel expenses, but depending on the location of the event, they may also include accommodation and visa application fees, for example. The terms of payment will be clearly set out in the contract too.

Details of the food and drink that you agree to provide will also be included in what is known as the hospitality rider. This might include full meals, or the artists’ preferred snacks and beverages.

If you are booking music acts or DJs, there will usually be a technical rider in the contract too. This stipulates the technical equipment that you will need to provide.

Finally, the contract will include the terms of cancellation. It sets out the costs involved if you cancel the event, or if the artist is unable to perform for any reason.

When will I need to pay a deposit for booking an artist?

We need to receive the booking deposit within 3 working days of you signing the booking contract. In most cases, the deposit is 50% of the total cost of the booking.