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Talent Profiles: Rugby Legends


12 September 2022

Talent Profiles: Rugby Legends

We’re showcasing six of the finest names in rugby from our talent roster, which is packed full of star players and legendary…

New Signing: Gianluca Vacchi & Sharon Fonseca


2 September 2022

New Signing: Gianluca Vacchi & Sharon Fonseca

MN2S are pleased to welcome Gianluca Vacchi & Sharon Fonseca to the talent roster. MN2S will now be representing Gianluca Vacchi &…

Niamh Adkins & Joe Ando-Hirsh partner with Polo Ralph Lauren


30 August 2022

Niamh Adkins & Joe Ando-Hirsh partner with Polo Ralph Lauren

The content creators were teamed up with Polo Ralph Lauren by MN2S for a campaign surrounding the US Open. Fashion influencers Joe…

Latest celebrity branding successes
Frank Bruno partners with Playtech

Former professional boxer and sports personality Frank Bruno was partnered with Playtech by MN2S, appearing in a new game from the betting giant.

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What we do for brands

We combine creative, strategic, commercial and legal skills with knowledge of popular culture, technology and entertainment marketing to grow your brand or business in unexpected ways. Our work increases sales, loyalty and brand equity while connecting your brand identity with famous faces and names in the minds of consumers.

Celebrity branding partnerships

Work with music artists and celebrity talent to amplify your own brand values and extend your reach.

Celebrity collaborations

Associate memorable designs, music or content with your brand by working with a talented artist or personality.

Brand ambassadors

Gain the endorsement of celebrities or social media influencers, adding to your brand’s credibility and profile.

Influencer activations

Design campaigns that get the right people talking about your brand to audiences that matter to you.


Chuck Norris' Manager

We just finished working with MN2S on the World of Tanks partnership, which was an amazing experience for me as a businessperson, and for my client as the talent.

The team over there brought us the opportunity, they negotiated with us with the deal terms and they did all of the logistics for the shoot, and it was complicated, but they were so organized.

They were fun to deal with!

I’ve made a lot of deals over the years, I’ve been doing this for 35 years, and the team really made me feel secure that my client would be in good hands, and most importantly, the product turned out fantastically!

The feedback we’ve been getting on Chuck Norris being involved with this video game World of Tanks has been incredible, and I want to thank everyone over there.

I would recommend them to anyone thinking about doing business with them.

Talent wise, or another company, you’ll be in good hands.


Community Manager

Neato Robotics

Thank you for this wonderful partnership! You and your team have been incredible partners.


Randi Zuckerberg


MN2S helped to connect me with the team at Sodastream, and together we worked on a fantastic campaign that was in support of environmental causes close to my heart. I would undoubtedly work with MN2S again, and have nothing but praise for their professionalism and the impressive service they provided.


Polina Edmunds

Figure Skater

It was awesome working with MN2S on a recent campaign with Bank of America — we created some great content and the whole experience was professional and easy! I would definitely work with MN2S again in the future.


Ian Holloway's Manager

I enjoyed working alongside Flora and the rest of the MN2S team on a campaign that brought together Argos, FIFA, and our former team manager Ian Holloway. It was a great opportunity to partner with some huge brands, and the whole experience went along without a hitch.


Bobby George

Television presenter & Professional Darts player

Working with MN2S was a pleasure. They brought me a unique opportunity and made the rest of the process a breeze – I’d recommend them to anyone who asked.


Tom Hunt


MN2S brought me the opportunity to work on a seasonal campaign for ODDBOX that was closely aligned with my zero-waste approach to cooking. The talent department facilitated the booking professionally and I’d certainly work with them again.


Nadiya Hussain's Manager

I have worked with the lovely MN2S talent team on various campaigns for my clients. The talent department are a joy to work with and are always incredibly diligent throughout the whole process. I look forward to working with them again on future projects.


The manager of Dame Kelly Holmes (MBE mil)

Gold Medal winning Olympian and athlete

I’ve worked with MN2S on two diverse projects over the past year – a virtual speaking engagement for a multinational corporation, and an appearance in a YouTube documentary. Their broad client base and expert industry knowledge enables them to bring me unique opportunities, and their team are a pleasure to work alongside.


Business Development Director at Wargaming

It was a pleasure to work with MN2S on this collaboration with Chuck Norris. Such professional and lovely people and you know you’ll receive a quick, professional and attentive support while working with the talent.


Imogen Thomas


“I really enjoyed working with MN2S on a recent brand partnership with Polly life insurance. They brought me a great booking with a well-aligned brand, and made the whole process run smoothly. I’m looking forward to working with Flora and the talent team again.” – Imogen Thomas

What we do for talent

We develop long-term personal branding strategies and the tactics to realise and protect them. Our aim is always to increase the value of your personal brand, finding associations and partnerships that generate commercial opportunities and bring you closer to achieving your career goals.

Brand expansion

Identify and realize opportunities to expand your brand by exploiting your brand equity in other areas.

Brand strategy

Strengthen and protect your brand identity, increase your reach and introduce your brand to new markets.

Brand extension

Develop ideas for new products and services to extend the offering of your existing brand.

Global licensing

Find and negotiate licensing opportunities for the use of your brand’s products or intellectual property.

Latest brand expansion stories
Gizzi Erskine partnered with Eatplanted for Plantstronomy cooking event

MN2S partnered the chef and television personality with Europe's leading meat alternative brand for a very special one-off cooking event

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Speak to our Brand Partnerships Team

For any questions, or to discuss where you want to take your brand and how we could help you get there, contact us today.

Make an enquiry

Can you help me to contact a celebrity directly?

We do not pass on any personal requests for autographs or video messages to the celebrities on our talent roster.

What is the process for booking a celebrity appearance?

To book any of the celebrities or sports personalities on our talent roster call us, email us or fill in a booking enquiry form. You can find the email and direct telephone number to contact celebrity agents on the celebrity’s bio page on the MN2S website.

In your initial booking enquiry, please tell us as much as you can about the venue, location, type of engagement, and your preferred event dates.

If you email us or use the booking enquiry form, one of our agents will contact you as soon as possible. We usually respond within an hour or two, and will definitely be in contact within 24 hours.

If your preferred celebrity is available for your dates, we will then send you a booking form. Once you complete the form, we can confirm whether the booking is possible. In some instances we may need to speak to the celebrity first. We will then discuss the details of your booking with you, including the appearance fee and expenses.

Once you are happy with the details of the booking, we will issue you with a short contract that is standard for celebrities agents. The booking is confirmed once we receive a signed copy of the contract and a booking deposit.

The deposit for booking a celebrity is usually 50% of the total fee. It is payable within 3 working days of the contract being signed. However, this may vary depending on the type of engagement.

We can often confirm a booking and finalise the contract on the same day that you make the enquiry.

What type of artists and personalities do you have on your rosters?

MN2S is a global music management agency – organizing tours, bookings and events in over 120 countries. We manage worldwide bookings for a very broad range of music artists and celebrities who are based mainly, but not exclusively, in the UK, USA and Europe.

We started as a DJ booking agency in the late 1990s, but rapidly evolved into a talent and live music agency too. Today, we are booking agents for rappers, DJs, bands and vocalists. Our artists represent more than 40 genres of music, from acid house to world, and everything in between.

We are also celebrity agents, and we have a talent roster of international sports, media and entertainment personalities who are available to hire for personal appearances, media engagements, PR and endorsement campaigns.

On our rosters we have internationally known artists and DJs, some of whom have been established for years. Alongside them we have up-and-coming artists who are being spoken about on underground music scenes, or who are just breaking into the mainstream. We like to keep our rosters diverse and we regularly sign and promote new artists.

If you are unsure of who to book, speak to one of our bookings agents. They will be happy to advise you on artists who will suit your requirements.

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