What we do

Our booking agency enables talent buyers, event organizers and brands to find and book great talent and tours

We connect brands and talent to new audiences by identifying opportunities and finding creative ways to engage them.

For independent record labels ambitious to grow in a global market, our services enable you to maximize your royalties while realizing your creative vision.

Impressive PR attracts the audiences and opportunities you need. It should get you noticed and remembered by the right people for the right reasons.

If you want to achieve more with your social media, we can give you the support you need.

Our roster of speakers comprises a broad variety of outstanding individuals, each recognised for a unique talent, experience, or area of expertise that enables them to speak engagingly, confidently, and passionately on a range of fascinating subjects and contemporary issues.

At MN2S, our roster of voiceover artists and voice actors span a huge range of skills and styles. From instantly recognisable celebrities and established voice actors to well-regarded voice artists and rising young talent, we can offer a voice artist to fit any project or brief. Whether you require a contemporary sound or a more traditional tone, MN2S can help.

At MN2S we draw from 25 years of of experience working with talented individuals from all across the spectrum: musicians, celebrities, influencers, sports personalities and entertainers from all backgrounds.

Our back story

MN2S’s roots stretch back to 1995, when Sharron Elkabas, David Elkabas and Tim Burnett organised their first club nights in London. The original company was built around their shared love of music and a vision of making the brand synonymous with the best in international house.

Over two decades on, the company has long since achieved these goals and expanded its vision to make MN2S synonymous with the world’s best music, talent and live entertainment.

The drive to achieve this continues, and in 2018, five years after launching our talent roster, we opened our US office and launched our PR and Programming divisions.

Our London Office

Our Managing Director

Sharron is one of MN2S’s original co-founders. Always ambitious, he was the driving force behind the company’s evolution from a London event promoter to an international booking agency.

Sharron’s focus has always been on staying ahead of the curve. The music and entertainment industries change constantly, yet over the last two decades, Sharron and MN2S have managed to foresee and take advantage of trends and developments.

Never content to settle for a “safe” roster of established names, Sharron is always working to identify underground sounds and emerging talent he believes in. He is dedicated to signing talent at every stage of their careers, from new starters creating a buzz on the underground music scene or social media, to big-name stars looking to stay current.

Today, besides managing the company, Sharron works closely with his team of booking agents, evaluating offers, negotiating fees, discussing requests with artists and managers, and ensuring that performances and campaigns are flawlessly executed.

He splits his time between the MN2S offices in London and Miami.

Sharron Elkabas


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