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While it obviously has a strong history, it feels like UK techno is a more burgeoning beast than ever before right now. Ansome is one of the young, hungry new breed pushing tough, experimental sounds within the genre, producing his output via a myriad of analogue machinery. With releases on Mord, Edge and Files Rec under his belt, he’s now launched his label South London Analogue Material – whose second release comes from Ansome himself, backed by remixes from acclaimed producers Clouds and JoeFarr.

How do you describe the music you make?

Industrial, experimental, hardware-based techno? Haha… pots and pans techno gets chucked around quite a bit. I like that.

What influences and experiences led you to making music that sounds like this?

From just playing on my machines all day and recording sounds I think sound good.

How long have you been making music and how long did it take you to start getting noticed?

I’ve been making music for about 3 years. Ansome is just over a year old and I think that’s when things started to pick up.

What’s your best advice to anyone just getting started or trying to get their music heard?

YouTube channels are one of the best ways of getting your music out there when you are just starting out. Try find one relative to your style of music and email them over.

You’re obviously a big fan of analogue gear. What’s the appeal to you?

As a kid never learnt to play any instruments, which I really regret, so I guess the hardware is self-justification… letting me know I’m not just clicking buttons on a laptop but really getting involved. Also, I was instantly attracted to the aesthetic of hardware, especially modular with all the flashing lights and patch cables, makes me feeling like a mad scientist or something. As far as the whole analogue vs digital thing that never really came into it for me. If it sounds good then that’s all that matters.

Have you ever made music just ‘in the box’?

Yes I have, and still think you can make good music this way. It’s just not for me.

How did South London Analogue Material come into existence?

Basically I wanted to release some music, but dealing with some labels can be very slow – the complete opposite to how I work which was extremely frustrating. So me and some friends decide to just do it ourselves. It’s mainly an outlet for our music.

You guys seem to take a lot of care and attention over your vinyl pressings. Why is vinyl so important to you?

It doesn’t exist if it’s not on vinyl.

Do you think techno is in a good place right now?

It’s always in a good place.

Which other producers and labels do you rate?

This is a tricky one – there are so many labels I’m really feeling at the moment. Mord, Them, MindCut, Don’t, TXTRL, Mote Evolver, Avian, Perc Trax… the list goes on.

JoeFarr seems to consistently produce amazing music, also Keepsakes really blew me away this year lots of heavy stuff coming from him. I really look up to Truss and all his aliases.

Which have been your favourite gigs this year?

I have been lucky enough to play all over Europe this year. I really enjoyed every single gig but love playing in Amsterdam.

What are your biggest frustrations with the music industry?

I guess it’s the vinyl situation at the moment: huge delays from the manufactures as they can’t keep up with the number of orders, with the increased popularity of vinyl, bigger label giants and jumping on the bandwagon and getting millions of copies of One Direction records which is putting a huge strain on the pressing plants and making it very hard and time consuming for the smaller labels to get their records.

What’s coming up on your horizon?

Lots of music. Don’t think I can say too much about when and what but I have finished over 20 tracks this year and they’re all ready for release.

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