MN2S has partnered the world-class boxer and fitness enthusiast Andy Ruiz Jr. with men’s clothing brand Bonobos in advance of his hotly-anticipated rematch against Anthony Joshua in December.

Taking part in the “America’s Fit” campaign, Ruiz and a variety of influential and engaging characters shared posts featuring Bonobos range of extended-size clothing while engaging in a series of interviews surrounding the issue of modern masculinity. The campaign is aimed at exploring stories of men “finding a fit in the world”, from poets to engineers, and chefs to athletes. As one of the world’s foremost boxers and a highly topical name (his upcoming face-off against Anthony Joshua is set to be the sport’s most consequential event this year) Ruiz was a perfect fit for the campaign.

The World Heavyweight Champion was photographed and interviewed in his own California-based gym, Legendz, resulting in some impressive assets that will undoubtedly boost the credibility of the campaign and the brand. Check out the video below, and head to Bonobos’ website to find out more about their clothing and the philosophy behind their brand.

We traveled all over the country in search of men who are finding their fit in the world. We wanted to find stories that made us think, that inspired us, and that made us want to learn more.

Bonobos on the “America’s Fit” campaign

To find out more about this campaign or how our brand partnerships team can help you, get in touch.

MN2S represents Andy Ruiz Jr and 3002 other Talent. View artist bio

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