Former Love Islander Dr Alex George and presenter Dr Hilary Jones have stripped off to raise awareness around body confidence among men, booked through MN2S as part of a campaign for travel retailer On the Beach.

On the Beach have put together a campaign aiming to promote body confidence and support mental health among men, a worthy cause often underrepresented by the media. Based on research that found 93% of men admitted to wanting to change their bodies, the campaign seeks to break the taboo around men’s body confidence and discourage the use of problematic terms such as “dad bod”. The campaign was promoted through Dr. Alex George and Dr. Hilary Jones’ social media channels and covered in national news outlets.

Drawing from his medical expertise and speaking about the issue in question, Dr. Hilary Jones said: “In my time as a GP, I’ve seen a rise in patients suffering from anxiety and confidence issues which can often be influenced by their feelings around body-image. ‘It’s completely natural to want to change something about your body. However, it’s important to remember that the ‘ideal’ male body that you see on screen is often completely unrealistic. Aside from the fact that nowadays everything is edited and airbrushed, these impractical high-protein diets and intense workouts can actually be quite harmful for your body in the long run. As long as you’re healthy, it shouldn’t matter how you look.”

“This campaign was such a fantastic idea and for a wonderful cause. As the research proves, the topic of body confidence in men is rarely talked about and yet so crucial. Dr Alex George and Dr Hilary Jones were perfect for the campaign, providing expert knowledge to support the research and become the faces of such an important subject.”

Senior Talent Agent Natasha Hill
Dr. Hilary Jones and Dr. Alex George on the beach for On the Beach

For more information about this campaign or to speak to one of our talent agents, please get in touch.

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