Christine McGuiness and JB Gill team up with DC Comics Toys to test-drive the new batmobile with their families.

DC Comics are releasing a brand new Batman toy range for kids over the age of three years old. Former JLS star JB Gill and model and reality television personality Christine McGuinness tested out the new collection of toys with their children to see how much fun they could have, and the results were unequivocal: the kids loved them. Sharing their experiences across their popular Instagram accounts, JB and Christine reached a total audience of half a million people.

Purchase toys from the new DC Comics Batman range at Smyths’ website.

“I have recently introduced the twins to DC comic characters! They especially love the new Batmobile, Batman and Harley figures, suitable for children aged 5+.”

Christine McGuinness

“DC Comics are releasing brand new Batman Toys – who better than JB Gill and Christine McGuinness to test out the new products and see if their kids love them just as much as we do.”

Natasha Hill, Head of Talent

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