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XG’s new single, “Woke Up,” was released last month and is already taking TikTok by storm

Both amateur and professional dancers creating choreographies for the song, including a recent choreography by Niana Guerrero, dancer, singer, and social media personality, 

Niana, has been creating content since she was a child on YouTube, 11 years ago. You can see her sweet and endearing video entitled “Gwiyomi baby Niana” followed several years later by videos with her brother.  The young Niana takes her brother by surprise with a passionate, well choreographed routine, only for him to join in with the same enthusiasm later in the video. 

“Sharing my passion with my brother Ranz Kyle and little sister Natalia has always been so fun. Whenever we make dance videos, we treat it more like a sibling bond! We just have fun with it,” 

The YouTube child sensation, has since matured into a young adult and made it on to Tiktok.

Niana’s cover of XG’s “Woke up” facilitated by MN2s is already going viral, with tens of thousands of likes and views in the first hour of posting. 


😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨 @XG Official (dc me) XG_WOKEUP


XG “Xtraordinary Girls” is a seven-member Japanese global girl group with a fresh new take on the K-Pop industry. By singing their music in English, they transcend borders and languages whilst tapping into the established aesthetic and infrastructure of the Korean music scene and culture. XG made their debut at the “Head In The Clouds New York Music & Arts Festival,” a large music festival hosted by 88rising, in New York on 20th and 21st  of May 2023 which skyrocketed their presence on social media. They are currently on thier 2024 world tour, “The First Howl,” which began in Asia in May, will head to North America in October, and will conclude in Europe this November.

TikTok is currently experiencing a surge in popularity of the song “Woke Up” with both amateur and professional dancers creating choreographies for the song, proving to be quite the trend. 

 Watch this space for more choreographies to come.

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