MN2S partnered The Gadget Show presenter Ortis Deley with Britain’s leading buy-and-sell technology chain CeX.

Did you know that the average Brit is sitting on a treasure trove of over £300 worth of unused technology in their house? Along with this discovery, CeX found that a quarter of the British population “can’t be bothered” to sell their gadgets, despite the fact that nearly a third admitted to overspending over Christmas and struggling financially throughout January. Ortis Deley has teamed up with CeX to show the nation just how easy it is to make fast cash from the disused electronic equipment that we discard once we upgrade to newer models. As an ardent tech enthusiast and presenter of Channel 5’s The Gadget Show, Deley was an ideal choice for this campaign highlighting the gadget goldmine hiding in our houses.

“All the old phones, tech, consoles and discs we forget about, still have a lot of value. Most people have no idea they have literally little piles of treasure that have been sitting for years in their cupboards.”

CeX Co-Founder and Chairman, Hugh Man

There’s an obvious solution to this country-wide issue – sell these unwanted gadgets through CeX’s easy buy-and-sell service. Their research has shown that the average British citizen has enough unwanted technology – old mobile phones, laptops, games consoles, games and audiovisual equipment – laying around to pay for a romantic weekend for two in Mallorca, including return flights to Palma and two nights at a four-star hotel!

“As host of The Gadget Show, Ortis Deley is a perfect choice when it comes to anything gadget-related, so his involvement with CeX in discussing their latest research made for a great pairing.”

MN2S Head of Talent, Natasha Hill

For more information about this campaign or to speak to one of our talent agents, get in touch.

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