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Enhance the powerful synergy between athletic excellence and top-tier brands.

Every four years, the world gathers to watch elite athletes compete on the grandest stage. The Olympics draw billions of viewers worldwide. This year the long-awaited Olympics will be taking place in Paris, France with previous games in Tokyo being affected by Covid 19 and impacted by the absence of spectators. The world welcomes the event with much enthusiasm.

The event provides the perfect opportunity for brands who are seeking innovative ways to boost their visibility and want to expand their reach. Olympic athletes embody expertise, excellence, dedication, and true global appeal, making them ideal ambassadors for brands aiming to connect with a wide and diverse audience. By aligning with these elite competitors brands can enhance their image, and foster consumer trust, which leads to significant marketing success.

Often referred to as “the greatest show on earth”, the Olympic Games are one of the world’s largest and most prestigious sporting events, featuring athletes from nearly every corner of the globe.

“At the Olympic Summer Games in Paris in 2024, around 10500 athletes from 206 NOCs will compete.”

The event is well attended with international appeal and has a wide spectrum of talent, making it a fantastic chance for brands looking to reach a global audience. Companies can benefit from a unique opportunity to align their brands with Olympic principles, identifying themselves with the highest commitment, proficiency, and greatness.

Why Olympic Talent?

Creating authentic content with Olympians allows for deeper customer connections and fosters long-term brand loyalty. Brands can leverage the athletes’ journeys and strong emotional connections audiences have with Olympians by forming strategic partnerships that align with the high standards of Olympic athletes. Collaborations between high-performance sportswear, equipment companies, and Olympians highlight the quality and endurance of these products. This approach can extend to the broader fitness and health sector, using Olympians’ training regimens to promote fitness gear and wellness products, thereby inspiring consumers to achieve greatness. Effective partnerships require genuine engagement, where athletes sincerely use and believe in the products they endorse. MN2S has experience facilitating such partnerships.


Bradly Sinden Olympic Taekwondo athlete has partnered with Daedo martial arts brand by MN2S for an ongoing sponsorship deal. The Olympic-level Taekwondo competitor will represent Team Daedo for a 3-year period as part of the agreement. Daedo is one of the world’s top martial arts brands, producing high-quality products and equipment for athletes in taekwondo, judo, karate, and more.

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Bradly Sinden will be competing in the 2024 Paris Olympics as part of team GB and is due to be a guest on our MN2s podcast Spotlight.


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