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With a surge in DJ App popularity, we provide a break-down of the best apps on the market


Cross DJ

One of the first DJ apps on mobile, Cross DJ has a number of features, including BPM detection, track syncing and beat-grid editing. Whilst the BPM detection is not completely reliable, it will serve a budding turntablist. The drawback of this application is that adverts can only be removed with the purchase of rather pricey add-ons.

DJ Studio 5

DJ Studio 5 has perhaps the most extensive list of features to offer on this list, which is pretty impressive considering it’s a free app. Other great offerings to note, are its SoundCloud support and hardware controllers.

Djay 2

Djay 2 has popularity on it’s side – and for good reason. It offers Spotify integration, auto-mixing, pitch-bend, looping, cue points and more. Whilst you will be charged $2.99 for the full version, there is a free demo of the app that can be tried out, before you go spending any hard-earned cash.

Edjing Mix

Just like Djay 2, this is another powerful app. Along with your expected features, some extra ones to note include Deezer support, SoundCloud access, a crossfader, support for your local library, 16 different samples, continuous syncing and turntables. Again, this is a bit more of a pricey DJ app so we advise that you try on the free version for size first.   

Music Maker JAM

Another top choice for most amateur DJs, this app is simple to use and provides all your basic requirements. It offers real-time effects, a whole host of sound packs, vocal recording and original beat creation. As is the issue with a lot of these free apps though, you will end up spending a lot of cash, very quickly. The choice is not least dependant on your requirements and producing acumen.

Best DJ Apps for iPhones & iPads

For the purposes of this list, we will consider the apps which are solely available on iOS. It is worth noting, that applications like the aforementioned Djay 2 and Cross DJ are also available for iOS


Pacemaker is a wonderfully simple and attractive-looking app. With the option to grab tracks from iTunes or stream music from Spotify, it is a great choice for those who are testing the waters of mixing.

Serato Pyro

Arguably aimed more towards consumers of dance music, rather than DJs themselves, Serato’s unique selling point is its ability to suggest tracks that will mix seamlessly from the previous one. It also has a built in option to re-shuffle your playlist and build smoother transitions between each tune. 

Djay Pro

For all iPad owners, this is the one for you. Djay Pro boasts a list of great optimisations for users of the big screen. It has also won the Apple Design Award for its iTunes and Spotify support, as well as other professional features.

Traktor DJ

A truly innovative approach to mobile DJing, Traktor DJ has exchanged the typical turntable interface for some inventive multi-gesture controls that allow the users to manipulate waveforms. Indeed, as complex as it may sound, we do recommend this for experienced DJs only.

Best DJ Apps for Mac


Perhaps one of the most widely recognised pieces of DJ software for Macs, Ableton initially begun as a DAW. Today, it is used by countless DJs across the world, not least for its capability to launch synchronised loops in a dedicated window, as well as retime of audio files. Whilst it will set you back around £300, it is one of the best examples of DJ production software on the market.  

Serato Scratch Live/DJ (£85)

Whilst Serato Scratch has made it to our list of top DJing applications for its affordability, users should be warned that the Rane audio interface must first be purchased, in order to get it. Nevertheless, the upside of this edition is that it can now be used with any MIDI controller.

For a free version, visit the website.

Traktor Pro 2 (£60)

With a market dominated by Ableton and Serato, this app has made our list for its affordability, reliability and flexible performance features. Users have the option of controlling Traktor Pro 2 with a mouse & keyboard means, or a wide array of hardware, such as the Traktor Scratch.  

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