Best known for the UK garage anthem Bound 4 Da Reload, Oxide & Neutrino are a DJ/MC duo that helped to define the sound of ’90s UK garage.

Pushing the genre into the mainstream with the release of their iconic No 1 single.

The pair have been featured in The Guardian as part of an interview focusing on the creation of Bound 4 Da Reload. Speaking about recording the single, Alex Rivers (Oxide) recalled: “Bound 4 Da Reload (Casualty) was the first track we made. DJ magazine were advertising a day at a recording studio for £99. My brother brought the Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels soundtrack to the studio, and one of the skits between the songs seemed to fit with a sample of the theme from the BBC series Casualty, which sounded edgy.”

I remember going to buy trainers, and so many people were screaming at me they had to close the shop. I thought: “Why are people screaming at me?” and remembered: “Oh, yeah, we’re No 1.”

Mark Oseitutu (Neutrino) remarked on the pair’s unexpected rise to the top of the charts: “They called us “UK garage” but today, Reload sounds like the start of what was becoming grime. Pirate radio was massive then. People recorded our sets on cassette tapes, which made their way to cities around the country. We went from the underground to Top of the Pops very quickly.”

Oxide & Neutrino’s latest single, Dilemma 2.0, is out now.

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