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We caught up with Roger Sanchez to talk Amsterdam, ADE, and the European music scene.


In just two months time, legendary DJ and producer Roger Sanchez will take to the booth at Sugarfactory for the 22nd annual MN2S ADE party. This year he will spin alongside fellow house legends Todd Terry and A Guy Called Gerald in what is may well be the most historic house lineup in Amsterdam Dance Event history.

This won’t be Roger’s first visit to Amsterdam. Far from it. The DJ has played the Amsterdam Dance Festival for eight years running now, appearing annually since 2010. He actually went to Amsterdam twice that year, playing A Day at the Park in July, ahead of ADE later on. But Roger Sanchez and Amsterdam go back further than that. “My first visit was in the 90” maybe 1994 or 1995,” he tells us. Further research proves inconclusive, but you can rest assured that Roger Sanchez has been on the Amsterdam scene for a long time.

Since he’s spent so much time partying and DJing there, we asked Roger what it is about Amsterdam that makes it such a great place for electronic music. “People truly love electronic music in Amsterdam,” he said. “They are open minded and fully get into the vibe. I love it.”

That true love for the genre is what, in Sanchez’s opinion, makes ADE so special. The fact that the city of Amsterdam itself is so involved in supporting it makes it unique and amazing to be a part of.

For someone who has been DJing in Amsterdam for nigh on three decades, there must have been some pretty standout shows. Sanchez says “many of the parties I’ve played have been amazing, but the one I did at The Sand in the early 2000s stands out amazing energy and vibe!”

Other than The Sand, what are some of Roger’s favourite clubs in Amsterdam? “I always felt Melkweg and Air were fun venues to play, but Paradiso was my fave”. Let’s hope Sugarfactory makes that list after the MN2S party there in October.

Speaking of ADE, we asked Roger Sanchez what his favourite Amsterdam Dance Event parties have been. The Undr The Radr events I have done have always been my favourites to be honest.

Here’s a brief clip of Roger Sanchez at Undr the Radr’s 2014 party in Escape

Let’s move onto 2017 now. How excited is Roger Sanchez to be playing an MN2S event at ADE? “I can’t wait!” he enthuses. “Especially as I’ll be playing with Todd Terry and A Guy Called Gerald.” Roger Sanchez and Todd Terry have been longtime mutual admirers, each releasing albums and singles on the label Hard Times. Earlier in the year they collaborated on the Hard Times anniversary compilation album The Best of Times, working together to curate and mix the selections.

It’s clear too that Roger Sanchez has a lot of love for A Guy Called Gerald. The two DJs appeared on the bill for Space Ibiza’s Final Fiesta at the London O2 last year, celebrating the legendary club’s life and legacy as it closed its doors for the last time.

As well as an opportunity to play alongside two fellow legends, the MN2S Amsterdam Dance Event show gives Roger Sanchez the chance to play for some of dance music’s most dedicated fans. Asked for his take on the European music scene, Roger had this to say. “I think the scene is massive and very well developed. I love coming out to Europe and playing for the crowds there!” As the DJ will no doubt find out himself in October, European fans love seeing him too.

Book tickets to MN2S Presents: Roger Sanchez, Todd Terry and A Guy Called Gerald here so you don’t miss out on the action.

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