14 March 2017

Brooklyn legend Kenny Carpenter is starting his own KC Recordings label with first single ‘More Love’ lined up for release.

Veteran dance DJ Kenny Carpenter is launching KC Recordings, his own label, with the help of KNM music. Announcing the label, Kenny says: “I have learned and experienced so much after being in the music business for four decades and now I’d like to share some of that knowledge with the world. This is the reason why I’ve decided to launch KC Recordings.”

Listen to Kenny Carpenter’s Motown Mix of Kenny Bobien’s ‘He’s a Friend’ here:

The brand new label’s inaugural release will be ‘More Love’, a single by Kenny Carpenter and R&B powerhouse vocalist and songwriter Leroy Burgess. ‘More Love’ is set to be an empowering call to arms, with Kenny and Leroy making the following announcement ahead of its release:

“Our world is at a crucial turning point. And in desperate need of that which unites us, to triumph over that which Divides us. In Mankind’s entire history, the ANSWER has remained Love.

As expected with the level of talent involved, the track is a fantastic example of upbeat soulful house, with Leroy Burgess’ evocative vocals soaring over Kenny Carpenter’s tight drums, melodic bassline, addictive synth riffs and creative keyboard flourishes. With its uplifting and unifying themes, ‘More Love’ is a rallying cry for a more loving human race in these dark times.

The single comes with a vocal mix, an instrumental mix, and a TV track mix. It will be released globally on 10th April 2017, after an exclusive Traxsource preview on 24th March.

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Kenny Carpenter

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