The UK dance music industry is under threat, and the NTIA is launching a campaign urging the government to take action.

Due to the unprecedented circumstances faced by the UK dance music community throughout the coronavirus pandemic, countless nightclubs, promoters, artists, agents, events and festivals are now in financial crisis. In a campaign spearheaded by the Night Time Industries Association, the industry is now coming together under the banner #LETUSDANCE, pressing the government to provide funding and support to prevent further upheaval. The purpose of the campaign is “to make as loud a noise as possible” and send the message that the “UK dance music industry must be protected and recognised as an art form”. Recently, some of the biggest names in dance music have come together to back the campaign: Andy C, Four Tet, Massive Attack, Roni Size, Norman Jay and Thom Yorke have all signalled their support.

“It’s essential that we push hard across all our networks and platforms to generate the biggest noise collectively.”


How can I get involved?

There are multiple ways that you can show your support for the industry and help to maintain the vitality of the UK’s dance music scene. NTIA are asking artists, fans, venues and professionals to upload the last image of themselves at a nightclub or dance music event, accompanied by a personal message in support of the cause. Please ensure that you include #LetUsDance as a hashtag in all of your posts and share them across all social media networks. In addition, the campaign is urging those in support to put pressure on the government through local MPs. By following the link below and entering your details, you will be able to access the contact details of your local MP and find a pre-written letter which addresses the main issues. Forwarding this letter, along with a personal message, will ensure that awareness of the plight of the UK dance music community is raised and government can no longer ignore the industry’s calls for assistance.

Click here to contact your local MP.

“Without action and support we risk confining one of the key pillars of our cultural life to the history books. Please do not stand back and let this happen, #LETUSDANCE.”

Michael Kill, NTIA CEO
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