08 September 2017

Prime Cuts of turntablist collective Scratch Perverts has teamed up with Arturia to demonstrate the capabilities of the electronic music hardware brand’s brand new DrumBrute drum machine. The video has connected with hardware heads and DJ fans, with over 180,000 views on YouTube, and over 900,000 views on Facebook.

See Prime Cuts demo the Arturia DrumBrute here:

Prime Cuts’ DJ performance pushes the DrumBrute to the limit. An analogue drum machine designed for performance and in-depth sound editing, the DrumBrute is the perfect instrument for the hard-hitting, gritty style that Prime Cuts adopts in the first part of the video. But much like the DJ himself, the instrument is far more versatile, as we see when Prime Cuts shuts down the beat and programs in a new, subtler pattern.

Also on display in the video is Prime Cuts’ unbeatable turntablism technique, and his broader love of analogue hardware. (His performance makes use of far more than the DrumBrute, though the DrumBrute is at the centre.)

This isn’t the only performance from Prime Cuts to gain buzz recently. At the beginning of August, Scratch Perverts played a 3 hour, 4 deck set at London’s The Book Club, demonstrating that Prime Cuts and Tony Vegas are very much two of the most talented turntablists in the game.

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Scratch Perverts

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