07 August 2017

French dance sensation RetroVision’s latest single ‘Waves’ is out now on Hexagon.

A newcomer to the MN2S booking agency DJ roster, RetroVision is making waves with his brand new release, ‘Waves’.

The energetic, uplifting track is destined to rule the rest of the summer. Released last Friday on Don Diablo’s label Hexagon, the track has been building hype over the weekend, with much more to come.

RetroVision also revealed the story behind the making of ‘Waves’ on Friday: he finished the original version of the single over a year ago, but he felt it needed some kind of change to really reach the next level. Fast forward to when he submitted the tune to Hexagon. Don Diablo came back to him with some feedback on what RetroVision needed to do push ‘Waves’ further. RetroVision reworked the drop, and Diablo signed it immediately. The resulting track may well become RetroVision’s biggest hit to date with time.

The French producer is just 20 years old, and yet it’s not just Don Diablo who has recognised his great talent. David Guetta, Bob Sinclair and Robbie Rivera have all given him their backing.

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