The #LETUSDANCE campaign’s petition has reached over 121,000 signatures, ensuring that the issue will be debated in parliament. Add your signature now.

Due to the unprecedented circumstances faced by the UK dance music community in the the coronavirus pandemic, a considerable number of nightclubs, promoters, artists, agents, events and festivals are now in financial crisis. In an initiative spearheaded by the Night Time Industries Association, many are now coming together under the banner #LETUSDANCE, pressuring the government to provide funding and support to prevent the collapse of the industry. A petition supporting the campaign has now received over 120,000 signatures: launched by Jasper Levine, it calls on the government to extend funding to nightclubs, dance music events and festivals as part of the £1.57bn support package that was announced for the arts and culture sector earlier in the year. The final part of the Cultural Recovery Fund is scheduled to be distributed on the 16th October, and the government has not yet signalled its intentions on how much (if any) of the funds will go towards the night time industry.

“The government must make clear its commitment to ensuring the dance community survives the pandemic.”

LetUsDance Petition

The wider purpose of the #LETUSDANCE campaign is “to make as loud a noise as possible” and send the message that the “UK dance music industry must be protected and recognised as an art form”. In recent months, some of the biggest names in dance music have come together to back the campaign, including Andy C, Danny Rampling, Four Tet, Massive Attack, Roni Size, Norman Jay and Thom Yorke.

Click here to sign the petition for Let Us Dance.

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