06 June 2018

A feature-length documentary about the legendary club Studio 54 is set for release on June 15.

Studio 54 is one of the most iconic nightclubs of all time. Opening as a nightclub in the mid-late 1970s, the Manhattan club paved the way for countless imitators, setting the blueprint for the dance music scene as we know it today, and creating an important space for the development of New York’s gay scene.

Several iconic DJs took to the decks at Studio 54, including MN2S artists Nicky Siano and Kenny Carpenter, both of whom were residents during the club’s heyday. Earlier this year we interviewed Siano about his latest project (Hallelujah Disco), but he did touch on some of his experiences in the early disco days, many of which took place within the walls of Studio 54.

Read the full Nicky Siano interview here.

The Independent has an exclusive trailer for the Studio 54 documentary, which features archive footage and talking heads from many of those involved in the scene, including disco legend Nile Rodgers.

The documentary premiered at Sundance Film Festival in January to rave reviews. Make sure you get tickets when the film is released this month.

To bring the spirit of Studio 54 to your venue, event or festival, book Nicky Siano or Kenny Carpenter today.

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