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These are the best DJ monitors money can buy.

To be a DJ you need a lot of equipment. Most obviously there are decks, controllers, cables, and sometimes laptops. But as well as those, there’s another piece of equipment you may not have thought about — monitors. Though you’ll often use the venue’s PA system when you’re playing gigs, having your own set of portable DJ speakers can give you the freedom and flexibility to play shows where you want, when you want and how you want. With powered DJ speakers in particular, you can recreate the magic of Bronx block parties, or set up your own raves thanks to their portability. Or you can even use your own sound system to complement the one at the venue.

With these things in mind, we’ll take you through the best DJ speakers on the market.

Yamaha DBR10

Price: around £350

Pros: A solid powered speaker from one of pro audio’s most reliable name brands, this 700W piece is relatively affordable, and super portable. At just 10 inches and 10.5 kg you should have no trouble bringing the DBR10 with you for gigs in all kinds of locations. The sound quality, too, is clear and versatile, with a frequency range of 55 kHz to 20 kHz.

Cons: Though advertised as 700W, that’s actually it’s maximum capacity. It normally has 325W. Sound-wise, the bass is nothing to write home about. If you need your sets to be bottom-heavy, you’ll either have to pair this up with a subwoofer, or pick a different speaker altogether.


Price: around £550

Pros: Slightly more expensive than the DBR10, this speaker is extremely well-built and very powerful. It has a 48 kHz to 20,000 kHz frequency range, so it can produce clear high and mid range sounds, as well as deeper bass.

Cons: The price means the QSC K12 doesn’t make a great starter option, nor is it ideal for those on a budget. At around 20 kg, this DJ speaker is a little heavier than some of the others, meaning you might need help dragging it from gig to gig on a regular basis.

Behringer EUROLIVE B210D

Price: around £150

Pros: This speaker is extremely affordable, making it the perfect choice for starter DJs, or those who want to save their cash for other DJ gear. Its low price point is nothing to be worried about though. For the price, you get solid sound quality, a good number of features, and a product that consistently gets rave reviews. Weighing less than 10 kg, you should have no problem taking this speaker on the road.

Cons: Due to its small price tag, this speaker is obviously nowhere near as powerful and effective as the others on the list. At just 200W, it will only really give you enough volume for smaller gigs, such as house parties or BBQs. It might work in intimate club settings, too, but as you move into larger venues, you’ll have to combine a pair of these speakers with a powerful subwoofer to get the volume you need.

Fishman SA330X

Price: around £1300

Pros: From the cheapest model on the list to the most expensive, these Fishman speakers will cost you well over one thousand pounds. And it shows. With a built-in preamp, two way speakers, multiple mid-woofers, and complex EQ and effects options, this speaker is perfect for serious professionals with cash to spare.

Cons: The price is the main drawback here. Even the most successful of professional DJs might question spending such a huge sum on a speaker. And while the sound quality from the SA330X is obviously impeccable, you will still need to pair it with a powerful subwoofer if you want the bass to match. On top of all that, it’s the least portable speaker on the list due to its unwieldy shape.

For more equipment advice, see our best DJ controller article and best DJ mixer article.

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