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To celebrate the dawn of DJ Jazzy Jeff’s The PLAYlist, we look at some of the best R&B supergroups in music history.

Last month The PLAYlist burst onto the musical scene with their mellow masterpiece Chasing Goosebumps. The group is a collective of progressively-minded R&B and Hip-Hop musicians, including mastermind DJ Jazzy Jeff, vocalist Glenn Lewis, Eric Lau, Dre & Vidal, SiR, Eric Roberson, James Poyser, Dwayne Jordan, and many more.

To celebrate the group’s new album, and the signing of their touring lineup to the MN2S booking agency live roster, we take a look back at some of the best R&B supergroups of all time.

1. Lucy Pearl

Members: Raphael Saadiq, Ali Shaheed Mohammad, Dawn Robinson (later replaced by Joi).

Years active: 1999-2002

Top tracks: ‘Dance Tonight’, ‘Don’t Mess With Me’

Lucy Pearl was formed during Neo Soul’s original peak, and it included some of the movement’s biggest artists. Producer Ali Shaheed Mohammad was best known as a member of A Tribe Called Quest, Dawn Robinson as a member of En Vogue and Raphael Saadiq as a member of Tony! Toni! Tone!

The group released one self-titled album in 2000, after which Dawn Robinson left the group and was replaced by fellow Neo Soul luminary Joi. This new lineup wouldn’t last either and the group disbanded in 2002. Their brief career was successful though; their music was nominated for Grammy and Soul Train awards.

The group was reportedly going to include D’Angelo too initially, but scheduling conflicts meant he had to drop out. The D’Angelo track ‘Untitled (How Does It Feel)’, Raphael Saadiq co-penned and played guitar on, and Saadiq’s own ‘Be Here (feat. D’Angelo)’ give us a taster of what could have been.

2. TGT

Members: Tyrese, Ginuwine, Tank

Years active: 2007-2015

Top tracks: ‘I Need’, ‘Please Don’t Go (The TGT Remix)’

TGT was comprised of three of the biggest Soul crooners of the contemporary era. The group was formed on the basis of the trio’s undying friendship, not just on their shared musical interests, and the resulting songs are some of the best work of their recent careers.

The group’s progress was stalled by contract issues, so it took them five years to release their first full album, Three Kings, which debuted at number three on the Billboard albums chart, and number one on the Billboard R&B chart.

3. Shalamar

Members: Jeffrey Daniel, Howard Hewett, Carolyn Griffey (current). Gary Mumford, Jody Watley (previous).

Years active: 1977-present

Top tracks: ‘A Night to Remember’, ‘I Can Make You Feel Good’, many more.

Shalamar might just be the most successful R&B supergroup of all time. Their output and success as Shalamar now dwarfs their previous careers as solo singers.

The group was assembled in the late 1970s at the height of the disco era by Soul Train’s Dick Griffey and Don Cornelius. The group released two Gold albums and one Platinum album, and became one of the most successful acts on Griffey and Cornelius’ SOLAR Records, which was one of the biggest Soul labels of the period.

Shalamar were more than just musicians in their heyday; they were cultural icons and trendsetters, introducing both body popping and the moonwalk into the modern dance lexicon. Unlike some of the other groups on this list, they are still going strong together today.

4. LSG

Members: Gerald Levert, Keith Sweat, Johnny Gill

Years active: 1996-present (on and off)

Top tracks: ‘My Body’, ‘Just Friends’

Another acronymous R&B supergroup, this time formed of solo star Keith Sweat, LeVert vocalist Gerald Levert, and New Edition alumnus Johnny Gill. The trio released two albums in the late 90s and early 00s, comprised of their typical post-New Jack Swing swagger and slow jamz.

After Gerald Levert’s tragically early passing, he was replaced in the group by his father, Eddie Levert, best known as the lead singer of The O’Jays, for a reunion.

Book The PLAYlist or Shalamar now to bring these legendary and soon-to-be-legendary R&B supergroups to your venue.

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