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Trax didn’t die in the 80s. Here are some of the best recent tracks from the label.

When we interviewed Trax label boss Rachael Cain last year, she was just as excited about the recent releases from Trax as she was about the classics. And with good reason. Trax is known as an iconic house record label from the 80s and the 90s, but the label is still going strong today, releasing some of its best music.

To celebrate the more recent Trax tracks from the past few years, here is our list of 6 of the best.

1. Chuck Roberts – ‘Jack’s Groove’ (Londy Remix)

Trax is always moving forward, but it never forgets where it came from. This cut from the In the Beginning: The Remixes EP illustrates this perfectly. The old and the new collide, as Londy reworks Chuck Roberts’ original gem in his own unique, unorthodox way. The modern producer chops up the beat to completely alter the rhythms of the song, giving listeners a completely new way to experience this classic track.

2. Screamin’ Rachael, Emskee, and Pour Le Plaisir – ‘Some Other Time’ (2016)

Lyon/Rome-based producer Pour Le Plaisir teamed up with rapper Emskee and of course Trax legend Screamin’ Rachael herself for this collaborative track. If features everything from acid house-inspired basslines to vocal hooks from both Rachael and Emskee. You can’t hate this song. “That’s just crazy,” as they say on the track.

3. Hiroko Yamamora – ‘Moon Rocks’ (2016)

Hiroko Yamamora was singled out by Screamin’ Rachael as one of the best female house producers working today, and with good reason. Other experts are taking notice too, with XLR8R magazine hailing her as one of the top 10 DJs in Chicago.

Yamamora follows her Chicago predecessors on ‘Moon Rocks’, keeping everything minimal for maximum effect. The track screams classic Chicago house, yet it has a fresh sheen that only Hiroko could give it.

4. Screamin’ Rachael – ‘U Used To Hold Me’ Todd Terry Remix

House legends collide on this modern Trax classic. Screamin’ Rachael and Todd Terry’s styles gel perfectly on this upbeat vocal house track. Rachael’s voice alternates from nonchalance to impassioned from beat to beat showcasing her vocal versatility. Terry’s production chops are as sharp as ever, proving he still deserved to be called ‘Todd the God’.

The entire EP release is worth seeking out for this one. It comes with multiple mixes of the track, some including guest verses from rapper Sir Nenis.

5. Carmelo Carone, Jorge – ‘Jack the Acid Kid Goes to Warehouse’ (2017)

Italians Carmelo Carone and Jorge teamed up for this luscious, dreamy production. Classic Trax minimalism is painted over with broad synth pads and atmospheric sound effects.

Once again the full EP is worth grabbing. Warehouse: The Remixes features remix work from Sam Sky, Jerz, and modern Trax favourite Hiroko Yamamora.

6. Tyler Stone – ‘Voodoo Dollz’ (2015)

Tyler Stone is another young producer making waves on Trax. Hailing from New York, the DJ’s music isn’t afraid to mix genres and sounds in his productions. In this way, his music itself is lie voodoo. There’s a classic Chicago house influence, of course, but his music often dips into the bassier end of the spectrum. ‘Voodoo Dollz’ is a spooky supernatural concoction making virtuoso use of vocal samples and percussion. It may not be Trax exactly as you know it, but this is Trax today.

As you can see, decades into its existence, Trax Records is still nurturing new talent, and releasing music from house legends and newcomers alike. House heads should continue to pay attention.

Read our interview with Trax founder Screamin’ Rachael Cain here for more on the label.

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