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As our bells start jingling, here is MN2S’s Christmas gift guide for electronic music fans.

Many electronic music fans are passionate about their favourite genres and electronic music culture. That’s why when buying a Christmas present for a fan of electronic music, it is best to pick something related to their number one passion.

Whether you are a house music head yourself, or if you don’t know your Marshall Jefferson from your Marshall amplifiers and you think Frankie Knuckles was a WWE wrestler, this list will help you pick out the perfect present for the electronic music fan in your life.

1. High fidelity headphones

An obvious choice, yes, but one that will go down well with everyone from techno troublemakers to drum n’ bass divas. No matter how high quality your recipient’s headphones are already, you can always go one better.

With electronic music, the subtleties of the mix are as important as the instruments or vocals, so better headphones will add even more to the listening experience than they will for any other genre.

It is likely that the electronic fanatic in your life already has a pretty decent pair of headphones, so make sure you find out the make and model of their pair before you buy them some new ones. Once you have done your research, search the internet to find out which ones will be a step up. It is likely that your loved one will already know their Sennheisers from their Apple Earpods, so research carefully.

This roundup of 2016’s best headphones from the Independent is a good place to start. For the true headphone head, you might want to consider getting them some studio quality headphones. Especially if they are into producing their own music. Closed-back models are perfect for recording tracks. Open-back models are the best option for mixing. Any studio-quality models will make great presents.

2. A retro synthesizer or drum machine

Whether the electronic music fan you are buying for is a trained musician or not, they will definitely appreciate a classic retro synthesizer or drum machine as a present. These electronic instruments are integral to the genre’s history. Many of the early pioneers of the genre in Chicago were self-taught synth and drum machine players, picking up the bargain basement priced instruments in pawn shops as exciting alternatives to overpriced conventional instruments.

As discussed in our instrumental history series, the Roland TR-808, the Roland TB-303, Roland TR-909, and the Yamaha DX7 were popular and influential models, and all of them would make great Christmas gifts. Ironically enough, considering they first grew popular due to their relative affordability, these instruments are now hugely expensive.

Rather than tracking down a vintage original on eBay, a more frugal present-shopper should opt for a newer, remastered version of one of these machines. Roland’s TR-09 or TR-8, for example, are both faithful tributes to the slightly more numerative original models. It will still leave a dent in your wallet, but it is far cheaper than the £4,000-odd good condition originals.

3. Vinyl records & accessories

Electronic music sounds better on vinyl. That’s just a fact. Whether you are buying Christmas gifts for someone who spins records in the booth, or who plays them at home to truly appreciate the music, you can’t go wrong with a record or two.

Try a recent release from the MN2S Label Group for the finest electronic music around. For something extra special, track down one of these rarest electronic records.

Collecting vinyl is a huge part of electronic music fandom for many, but why have a vinyl collection if you can’t show it off? Well, to listen to it, maybe. But showing it off is good too. For that reason, try some record display frames.

Finally, to keep the records playing well, you have to keep them clean. So grab some vinyl record cleaner as a stocking filler for your music-loving loved one. They will no doubt appreciate it.

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