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It’s almost that time of year again. The annual Amsterdam Dance Event approaches, which sees a large chunk of the global electronic music industry decamp to Holland for a week of meetings, panel discussions, lectures – and of course, parties.

Instead of leaving it to the last minute to organise everything in a panic, this year we’re helping you get things in order with some special ADE guides from seasoned veterans of the conference. First up is Dispersion PR founder, Dean Muhsin. As well as managing Huxley, his agency provides press and radio support for a huge range of labels, including Kerri Chandler’s Madhouse Records and MadTech Records (who are releasing ‘Madhouse Amsterdam 2015’ the week before ADE).

Organising meetings

Pre-plan. ADE is great in that a huge amount of music industry types are in one place but unless you work a schedule out in advance, you’re likely to have a patchy diary as everyone is in demand. Try and stay in one place if you can. If you’re running between meetings you’re wasting time and energy. Avoid bars around The Dylan for serious meetings; you won’t be able to hear yourself think let alone talk.


Make sure you’re a delegate. It’s amazing how many people you can bump into on the streets outside the front of The Dylan and Felix Meritis, but if you’re gonna spend money on getting to Amsterdam and accommodation you might as well shell out for an ADE pass and properly get amongst it/attend panels/discussions which will help in meeting people you actually want to talk to.


A lot of people will happily advise that you should run around and try and attend as many parties as possible. That’s bollocks. Pick a party a night, head there early and stay and appreciate some of Amsterdam’s clubs and the myriad of DJ talent on offer PROPERLY.


Do your research. There are loads of good restaurants in Amsterdam, but it’s easy to end up in tourist traps if you leave meals to chance too much. If you want to avoid eating a dodgy donkey burger alongside twelve Cardiff lads on a stag do, get online before you fly and have a look around. If you like cheese, there’s some amazing shops to check out too.


Book early (although it’s obviously a bit late now!). ADE is a bunfight for accommodation and, much like eating out, failure to get your shit together early can end up with horrific consequences. Apartment rentals are particularly useful if there are a few of you; otherwise Amsterdam has an abundance of nice hotels that don’t cost the earth. If you do fancy splashing out, check out Conservatorium near Vondelpark.

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