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Dance music is a global movement, so here is our guide to visiting House’s hotspots, Techno’s top spots and other dance destinations around the world.

As a dance music fan, there is no better way to celebrate the genres than by visiting some of its most iconic worldwide locations. This is a guide to your dance world tour, with all the details of where to go, and what to do when you get there.


Why go there: No dance music world tour would be complete without a visit to where House music was born. The city is the home of the genre’s earliest pioneers like Marshall Jefferson and Trax Records head Screamin’ Rachael Cain, as well as Soulful House innovators like Terry Hunter and Mike Dunn of Chicago’s Chosen Few DJs.

Clubs to visit: Chicago’s famed Warehouse club, founded by Frankie Knuckles, sadly no longer exists today, but there are plenty of venues that are carrying the torch. Basement-based Smart Bar, colossal-sized Primary, Spybar and The MID are all celebrating the House that Chicago built.

What to listen to: Any Chicago House classics, of course. How about you take ‘Move Your Body’ for one more spin?



Why go there: Amsterdam has always been a city of culture, and it has plenty of unique features to enjoy. From its winding canals to its quirky market stalls and iconic works of art, Amsterdam has plenty to do during the day. But it’s at night that the city truly comes alive. Home to the world-famous ADE festival and Awakenings festival too, Amsterdam attracts thousands of dance music fans every year, including us here at MN2S for our annual Amsterdam Dance Event party.

Clubs to visit: Sugar Factory has hosted our MN2S parties for the past few years, so it comes highly recommended as a venue. Other highlights include Studio 80, the hipster club of choice, and the glamorous Jimmy Woo.

What to listen to:
There are plenty of native artists you can take for a spin in Amsterdam. Try ‘I Don’t Care’ by Dexter for a idiosyncratic choice.



Why go there: There are many reasons for a dance head to take a trip to Berlin, but one of them is more convincing than any of the others: Berlin is the home of Berghain. Infamously difficult to get into thanks to its picky bouncer Sven, Berghain is a truly legendary club that changes the lives of the dance music fans who pass through its doors.

There is more to Berlin than Berghain, of course. A rich history as the world’s Techno capital, for one. But still, Berghain is what puts it on the dance music world tour map.

Clubs to go to: Berghain, if you can get in. But even getting turned away at the door is a rite of passage for the House world traveller. Other clubs, such as Watergate, are almost as good, but they lack Berghain’s legendary status.

What to listen to: You might not hear this track in Berghain, but when you think German dance music, you have to go Snap!



Why go there: You already know why you need to go there. More than any of our other dance world tour destinations, Ibiza is a place where the partying comes first. Known for its clubbing scene above all else, dance fans have been making the pilgrimage to Ibiza since as early as the 1980s, when four English DJs took a holiday there for Danny Rampling’s birthday and took the Balearic beats back to Britain.

Clubs to go to: Pacha, Sankeys, DC-10, Amnesia – the island is full of clubs that are worth your time. Take a look a who is playing where this year to help make up your mind. All of your favourite DJs should be passing through at some point.

What to listen to: Since so much music is played in Ibiza, let’s let the clubbers make the decision. Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra’s ‘Too Much Information (Laolu Remix)’ was the most-Shazamed track of summer 2016 in Ibiza.

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