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We talk to Leeds-based DJ and producer Hauswerks about life in Leeds, his upbringing, and an exclusive new mix.

Hauswerks has been one of the most exciting house DJs working in the UK ever since he moved back here from Ibiza a few years ago. He was raised on the country’s rave scene, and the spirit of the genre’s heyday is evident in his own productions.

Now based in Leeds, Hauswerks spent several years living and working in Ibiza—the centre of the party universe for many. The island’s positive vibes are reflected in the DJ’s sunny outlook. But his time in Ibiza wasn’t a mere holiday. Hauswerks’ work ethic is one of the best in the business, and the music and performances he has put out have been second to none.

Hauswerks always has exciting projects on the horizon, so we checked in with the DJ/producer to get the latest on what he’s up to, and asked him a few questions about his storied career in the process.

What have you been up to recently?

“Where do I start? Since I got back from a well earned break in Asia at the start of the year I’ve been hard at it. Working on my studio tan! Lots of new material to show for the last few months. Solo tracks and working on music with Huxley, Manu Gonzalez, Gene Farris and my good friend Doorly. In the gaps I’ve also been doing some 1:1 studio lessons/tutoring so it’s been pretty full on in there! Oh, and I’ve also found myself on a full page inside DJ Mag which was a bit mad and amazing!”

Can you tell us about the idea behind the mix you provided us with?

“The mix I have provided, I hope, will give you an insight into my recent musical progressions and a taster of where I’m heading as well as some sneaky first previews of what I’ve been up to in the studio.”

How has Leeds music and clubbing culture affected your sound?

“I wouldn’t say it has really. Leeds is a great city (my favourite in the UK) and its music scene is up there with the best! However, in terms of shaping my sound I think that it comes as a natural progression within myself more than being based back here. Although moving back from Ibiza to Leeds a few years ago now will have had an effect I’m sure but I couldn’t pinpoint what way that would be within my music, I just do what I love doing!”

What influenced you while growing up?

“Many things along the way: The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, the rave/clubbing scene as a whole and my friends—-many of whom are in the music industry now. I was lucky enough to be surrounded by passionate and driven people. Ever since my first trip to Ibiza in 2001 that amazing little island has influenced me, to the point I moved there in 2010 so I didn’t have to keep going on holiday!”

What have you got coming up

“Releases wise I have a remix on a new SEFF EP coming out soon, a collab EP with Manu Gonzalez on Roush, and a very special track with Green Velvet & Doorly that’s now finally verging on the point of completion! I’ve also got a very busy run of shows coming up that I’m really excited about, including my first headline show in Leeds!”

You can catch Hauswerks in action at any of the dates below:

• Club Vaag – Antwerp – 27th April

• Teatro Leeds – 4th May

• Remedy Festival – Darlington – 12th May

• Taste The Punch x Zoo Project – Luton – 2nd June

• Ministry Of Sound – London – 2nd June

• Klubb Sting – Norway – 23rd June

Contact his music agent to book Hauswerks for your venue, event, or festival today.

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