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MN2S Label Services client Sy Sez runs Raising Records, one of the most hotly-tipped imprints in contemporary house music. We caught up with Sy to hear more about his journey from pirate radio DJ to label head, and his plans for Raising Records in 2024.

How did you get into music? What is your musical background?

I started as a DJ making my name on the London pirate radio and club circuit and went onto becoming a resident for brands like Soul Heaven, Ministry of Sound and Deep into Soul and travelled the world as a DJ. I then ventured into production in 2008, originally as my AphroDisiax alias and had releases on some of most well know labels in house. I then went onto work as A&R for labels like Defected, Soul Heaven and this is where I learnt so much before starting my own labels Raising Records & UNI:Fi Sounds.

What inspired you to set up the label in the first place?

I wanted create my own vision I had for a label and to be able to have full control of the releases and decisions and be really hands on in curating certain projects and nurturing new talent. I also wanted to create a stable for artists who could all work in synergy together across various original & remix projects.

Check out Raising Records on Traxsource.

Are there any other labels that have inspired you along the way?

Definitely labels like Defected who have become a multi-faceted empire with multiple labels, a line of events worldwide and an agency.

Tell us about the latest record you’ve released?

Our latest release presents the much-anticipated return of the unique singer-songwriter Rona Ray, delivering her signature vibe and enchanting melodies on the track Synchronize. Originally done on a slow tempo vibe with her Chiffon Zoo Project, we present to you a fresh remix from Traxsource chart-toppers and emerging producers in the house music scene, Soulmekanikz. Their fresh take infuses the song with a deep, soulful bounce that beautifully intertwines with Rona Ray’s vocals, creating a cool blend of sounds sure to captivate audiences worldwide.

Could you sum up your label’s philosophy in a single sentence?

Always raising good vibrations through our music & carrying a positive message.

What are your plans for the rest of the year and beyond?

We have some amazing bits lined up from brand new artists and singers who we’re super proud to be introducing to the world. Also, some heavyweights on the remixes and more original projects.

What have you enjoyed about working with MN2S Label Services?

They’re always super on point and overly helpful with their support and you can actually speak to a human on the phone! Also their extremely professional approach and many years of knowledge and experience has been invalubale to me as a label.

MN2S works with over 350 independent labels on supporting their creative vision. Get in touch today to find out more.

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