Lucky Seven: krankbrother

The rise of East London duo krankbrother has been seriously impressive over the last few years. Making their name staging day parties with hefty line-ups in some of the capital’s best spaces, their status as DJs has blossomed. Their burgeoning party has grown to encompass stages at festivals and parties overseas. Now with their own krankbrother Records imprint launched in association with MN2S label services, they look set to add yet another string to their bow. We asked brother Kieran to pick seven of the biggest tracks from their sets over the years.

Jackie Moore – This Time Baby

A disco classic. We’ve dropped this for years and it works nearly every time – it’s full on good time sunshine music. Puts a smile on the face of the whole dancefloor. If you can play a track from 1979 in a big club and the kids get it, you know it’s a timeless record.

Nightlife Unlimited  – Peaches & Prunes (Ron Hardy Re-Edit 1)

I spent a small fortune on this record on Discogs but it’s a great edit. It has worked for years and years. We’ve played this on yacht parties in Ibiza, afterparties in Berlin and beyond and it’s a rock solid record at the right moment!

Alexander Robotnik – Undicidisco (Justin Vandervolgen Edit)

True festival goodness. If you start to lose a few at the back and play this record they tend to come flooding back! Alexander Robotnik is one of our favourite producers – his records are completely distinctive in their production but his catalogue is still massively varied. I remember playing this at a festival in Sao Paulo and it blew their minds!

DJ Sneak – Show Me The Way

Sneak sampled The Jacksons for this record. It’s a perfect example of how to work with a great sample – it’s a simple record but massively effective on the dancefloor. This is a big summertime record for us.

Daniel Bell – Blip

A proper minimal track by one of Detroit’s most legendary producers. I seem to remember that this record is quite hard to come by and as a result I rarely hear anyone else playing it. It’s one of those records that seems to change the tempo and mood on the dancefloor in whatever kind of set you play it, and that’s a rare thing. It’s a total slammer and my copy has some serious vinyl crackle in it in places which seems to add to the mood!

DJ Deeon – Shake What Your Mama Gave Ya

It was hard to choose one DJ Deeon track for this list as we play quite a few. When you drop one of his tracks in a big room it seems to get everybody in the room moving. Most of his tracks were recorded at about 130BPM so when you slow them down they often take on a very different sound which I love.

Soulphiction – Mind & Body

This track is pretty much perfect for me. Soulphiction is an unbelievable producer and when I see most of the crap in the Beatport charts it depresses me that young producers want to make such generic rubbish! The sinister bassline in this track is totally unexpected after such a soulful disco vocal sample and that’s it’s beauty. Proper gear and proper samples. It causes a stir on every single dancefloor and half the time I’d love to start the record all over again.

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